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Give iOS a super power: the power to upload and download stuff using your FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3 servers, in any app. And get a full-featured file manager while you're at it. It’s Transmit, to-go.

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Originally born in the late 90s (!), Transmit quickly became the gold-standard file transfer app for the Mac. It’s fast, it looks nice, it’s easy to use, and it packs a lot of power into a compact package. But what about iOS?

To be honest, we’d always resisted the idea of bringing Transmit to iOS. In a brave new world where apps could only see their own files, it just didn’t make sense to us.

Then, Apple announced iOS 8.

The first cool thing: in iOS 8 (and later), the system Share sheet can be extended by apps. So when viewing a photo, if you hit the Share button, you’ll see a brand-new choice: Transmit. That photo can be instantly sent to your own private file server, website, or S3 bucket.

Second, Apple added an extensible Document Picker, enabling Transmit to extend the open & save capabilities of other apps. That lets you open files directly off servers for editing. And when you save, changes go back to your server, too. It’s seamless. Third-party apps will be upgraded to support this soon.

In short, the time for Transmit iOS had arrived.

Besides extending parts of iOS, Transmit is a powerful standalone app as well. Launch it and you get a beautiful, fast, full-featured file manager. Upload and download files. Rename. Make folders. Change permissions. Edit. Preview. It’s all in there, and just as smooth as ever.

We’re very excited to finally offer Transmit iOS. And we’d love to hear how you use it.

And it’s only $10.

Feature-packed file transfers for iOS at an affordable price.


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Can Transmit iOS access files on my Mac?

Yes! Enable your Mac's SSH/SFTP server by turning on Remote Login in the Sharing pane of System Preferences.

Then add a new SFTP server in Transmit for iOS with YourComputerName.local as the server address and your user credentials as your login.

How can I import my Favorites from my Mac into Transmit iOS?

  1. Choose Export from Transmit's Favorites Menu to export your Favorites and save them in a file.
  2. Take the file you exported in Step 1 (it should have the file extension .exportedFavorites) and throw it into a cloud storage app like Dropbox.
  3. Launch the Dropbox app on your iOS device and find your .exportedFavorites file.
  4. Use the Share button and tap Open In, then tap Transmit. Transmit's interface should appear.
  5. Tap the Local pane at the bottom, then choose Save.
  6. Launch Transmit, tap the .exportedFavorites file, and choose Import.

Which protocols does Transmit iOS support?

The following protocols are supported:

We hope to support additional cloud hosting services in the future.