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The best iOS SSH for just $7.99 Download Prompt from the App Store

Fix a server from your favorite coffee shop. Chat on IRC from the beach maybe. Edit a web page from the bathtub but be careful. Do it all, on your phone.

Prompt is clean, crisp SSH and TELNET for your iPad and iPhone. Powerful, simple, beautiful, and affordable. Grab it now, so it can save you later.

SSH + Telnet

You’re covered.

Customizable Keys

Tap and hold a softkey to change it.


Your most-used commands remembered.

Passcode Lock

Secure Prompt, not your device.

Bluetooth Keyboards

Even special keys, a Prompt first.

Agent Forwarding

Simple and built-in.

Key-Pair Support

Import your keys from the clipboard.

Universal App

One app. Two platforms. One price.

Don’t wait. Get it now.
Download Prompt from the App Store

@sudojesse "It’s the BEST ssh client. So many times its helped me make a quick website change while on the go."

@sbotros "Prompt is a life saver for this ops gal. Whether on the go or when i get woken at night. Thank you."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bluetooth keyboards work?

Yes, quite well — even special characters like CTRL and arrow keys.

Is there an "Alt" key?

In most cases, the "Esc" key does the same thing as the "Alt" key. Use it!

Is there a "Meta" key?

Yes. Tap and hold on the "Esc" key.

How do I set up my private key authentication?

Prompt currently supports DSA and RSA private keys. You can import them via iTunes File Sharing, but it’s probably much easier to use the clipboard:

  1. Select and Copy the contents of a private key from anywhere — an e-mail message, for example.
  2. Launch Prompt, click the Key button, and select "Import Clipboard Key" from the list.

Note: If your key is locked, you’ll also need to enter the key’s passphrase into Prompt’s Password field. And, if you need to delete a key, simply swipe to the right.

What triggers the passcode lock?

Prompt will be secured 30 seconds after you sleep your device, or 5 minutes after leaving the app.

The "Delete" key inserts funky control characters in my editor. Fix?

For vim, add :fixdel to your .vimrc file. For emacs, click here.

Contacting us via e-mail

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