Panic Inc.


We love creating amazing products in a fulfilling and positive way. Do you?

Located in beautiful, rainy, extremely beautiful Portland, Oregon, we're an independent software company with about 25 employees and a lot going on. Founded in 1997 as a fully self-funded, independent, and sustainable business, our award-winning macOS and iOS apps are loved by users around the world.

Our product philosophy: to create absolute best-of-class applications and tools that people need to use every day, and to experiment with new and uncertain ideas that can generate inspiration. Balancing both keeps our work interesting.

We currently ship a very powerful web development IDE for macOS; Prompt, a wonderful SSH client for iOS; and Transmit, the most powerful app for transferring files on macOS. We’ve broadened into video game publishing — Firewatch, in 2016, and Untitled Goose Game, in 2019 — and are now developing a new handheld video game console called Playdate, due in 2021.

Employee Benefits

In addition to base salary, we offer all employees:

  • Bi-annual profit sharing bonuses
  • Annual retirement plan contributions after one year of employment
  • 100% of medical, vision and dental insurance premiums for employees, and 50% of dependents' premiums
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Public transit passes
  • Reasonable, life-compatible hours

While we prefer to have employees in-office, we are open to remote work in the right circumstances. We do cover relocation costs within the U.S. if you'd like to move.

Inclusion & Diversity

Today, our team (and often our industry) is missing the voices of a lot of people who could make our wonderful apps even better. We want that to change. We want to broaden our team to include folks whose diverse backgrounds and experiences will inspire and guide our products to new heights. We highly encourage people from traditionally underrepresented groups to apply for our open positions. We work hard to foster an environment at Panic that empowers individuality, empathy, and innovation, and we’re looking forward to what you’ll bring to the table.


Did you read our qualifications and feel like you’re really close to being a perfect fit, but maybe you’re missing one? Or do you have incredible skills but haven't been feeling super confident lately? Push through. Please consider applying regardless. None of us at Panic are perfect geniuses or have it together 100% at all times — we’re all just doing the best job we can, and we're confident you can do that too.

Current Openings

    We do not have any current openings at this time, thanks so much for your interest!