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Prompt 2

It’s the best SSH client for iOS. Restart your server from a coffee shop. Fix a web page from the back of a car. It’s elegant, powerful, and always ready.

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Let’s be honest. All an SSH client really has to do is connect to your server, let you type some keys, and show you what comes back. Right?

If that’s all it takes, what makes Prompt so good? It all comes down to four things: making SSH accurate, fast, helpful, and secure.

Let’s start with accuracy. We’ve put a ton of work into our VT100 terminal compatibility. Cursor position, color, special characters, Emoji, you name it, Prompt should display it spot-on. And if it doesn’t, let us know, we’ll fix it.

What about speed? We make it one tap to connect to your favorite servers. And they even securely sync between your devices. You’ll get to work in record time.

Helpful? So very. We added a special keyboard bar that gives you useful, Terminal-y keys, and even allows you to customize it with your own favorites. There’s iOS-style autocomplete for your most-used commands.

Finally, security. Sure, you can use passwords, but we have comprehensive support for private keys—you can import them from your clipboard, or go the other direction and generate them in Prompt. You can also PIN lock Prompt so that it remains secure even if your device is unlocked. And yes, you can also lock Prompt with Touch ID or Face ID.

There's so much still. TELNET support. Bluetooth keyboards. Agent forwarding. We do it all. Prompt is probably what you’re looking for.

And it’s only $15.

Professional-grade SSH at an entry-level price.


This is the Sites pane in Coda 2.1.
This is the Files view in Coda 2.1.
This is the Document Settings screen in Coda 2.1.
This is the text editor pane in Coda 2.1.
This is the javascript playground in Coda 2.1.
This is the Servers pane in Prompt.
Prompt Settings
This is the Settings view in Prompt
Prompt Accessory Keys
This is the Accessory key panel in Prompt
Prompt Clips
This is the clips pane in Prompt.
Prompt split screen
This a split screen with Prompt and Safari.

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