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Prompt 2

It’s the best SSH client for iOS. Restart your server from a coffee shop. Fix a web page from the back of a car. It’s elegant, powerful, and always ready.

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New in Version 2


Let’s be honest. All an SSH client really has to do is connect to your server, let you type some keys, and show you what comes back. Right?

If that’s all it takes, what makes Prompt so good? It all comes down to four things: making SSH accurate, fast, helpful, and secure.

Let’s start with accuracy. We’ve put a ton of work into our VT100 terminal compatibility. Cursor position, color, special characters, Emoji, you name it, Prompt should display it spot-on. And if it doesn’t, let us know, we’ll fix it.

What about speed? We make it one tap to connect to your favorite servers. And they even securely sync between your devices. You’ll get to work in record time.

Helpful? So very. We added a special keyboard bar that gives you useful, Terminal-y keys, and even allows you to customize it with your own favorites. There’s iOS-style autocomplete for your most-used commands.

Finally, security. Sure, you can use passwords, but we have comprehensive support for private keys—you can import them from your clipboard, or go the other direction and generate them in Prompt. You can also PIN lock Prompt so that it remains secure even if your device is unlocked. And yes, you can also lock Prompt with Touch ID.

There's so much still. TELNET support. Bluetooth keyboards. Agent forwarding. We do it all.

Prompt is probably what you’re looking for.

And it’s only $15.

Professional-grade SSH at an entry-level price.


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Is Prompt 2 a paid upgrade?

Yes! Your continued support allows us to keep working on this ever-useful app. Thank you!

Does Prompt 2 sync with Transmit, Transmit iOS, Coda, or Diet Coda?

Not currently. Due to the different server configurations possible in Transmit and Coda, we didn't feel ready to sync them with Prompt 2. Among the questions we faced:

Too many “what-ifs” kept us from including this functionality in Prompt 2.0, but we’re definitely considering it for the future.

Do you support third-party/custom keyboards?

Yes! Custom keyboards are fully supported.

It’s important to note, however, that if a keyboard has Full Access Mode enabled, any keystrokes you send may be logged, tracked, or sent to a third-party server. To ensure the security of your data, stick with the iOS keyboard while you’re in the terminal.

You can also disable custom keyboards altogether in Prompt’s settings.

Do Bluetooth keyboards work?

Oh yes. Arrow keys, text selection, and even all your most-used keyboard shortcuts: ⌘+Z, ⌘+S, and more.

Is there an Alt key?

In most cases, the Esc key does the same thing as the Alt key. Use it!

Is there a Meta key?

Yes, there is a dedicated key in the accessory panel at the top of the onscreen keyboard.

Which key types and exchange methods does Prompt 2 support?

Prompt currently supports OpenSSH private keys but not keys in other formats, and is expecting the private half of either an RSA or DSA key pair (for example id_rsa or id_dsa). If Prompt detects a public key (for example or anything that doesn’t exactly match the format of an RSA or DSA private key, it won’t offer to let you import from the clipboard.

(If you already have a PuTTY key (PPK), you can convert it by following these instructions under the Dealing with Private Keys in Other Formats section, then import the resulting OpenSSH private key into Prompt.)




Encrypt-then-MAC (ETM) MACs are not yet supported

The Delete key inserts funky control characters in my editor. Fix?

For vim, add :fixdel to your .vimrc file. For emacs, click here.

Where can I find my old copy of Prompt 1?

For all kinds of reasons, we removed Prompt 1 from sale when we released Prompt 2. However, if you purchased Prompt 1 while it was available, you can always reinstall it from the App Store. Simply launch the App Store app on your iOS device and tap Purchases to see a list of your previously-purchased apps, including Prompt.

(If you don't see Prompt in this list, contact Apple to make sure the purchase isn't being hidden.)