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Announcing Coda 2. And introducing Diet Coda.

Yes. This Thursday, May 24th, you’ll be able to get Coda 2.

Coda 2 represents a incredible overhaul of every facet of our venerable all-in-one web code editor. It’s a release packed with tons of improvements that will make you more efficient and faster at your job. And on top of that, it’s got brand new features that will make it an even more indispensable part of your process.

You can learn all about Coda 2 here.

But that’s not the only big piece of news.

You’ll also be able to get the brand-new Diet Coda for your iPad.

Diet Coda takes everything we’ve learned about web code editing, and shrinks it down into the beauty and simplicity of your iPad. The perfect companion to Coda — literally, since the two can work together — it’s the ultimate way to make quick fixes while you’re traveling light.

You can learn about Diet Coda right here.

Coda 2 is a paid upgrade. Free upgrades will be available to customers who bought directly from Panic in the last month or so.

And there’s an important final thing: for the first 24 hours, both apps will be 50% off.

They’ll be available this Thursday, May 24th.

We can’t wait for you to use them.


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Liam Gladdy

5/21/2012 12:30 PM

I’ve used coda for 5 years, since you launched, every single working day!

I have never been more excited for a software release!

Arnold Ridley

5/21/2012 12:38 PM

Can’t wait! Buying both immediately when released!

These both look fantastic. Good job. Also holy crap that Coda video tour!

Jon Brown

5/21/2012 12:49 PM

So excited… This looks awesome and while I would have liked it a year ago, it certainly looks like the wait was worth it.

One question… is this Mac App Store only? That seems very risky given MAS sandboxing rules and the need to integrate with other software. Oh, one more… why no mention of pricing?


It’s not Mac App Store only, we’ll still have a direct version (without iCloud).

Coda 2 will be $75 (“upgrading pricing for everyone”) for a while, Diet Coda will be $19. After the sale of course.

Zeno Popovici

5/21/2012 12:53 PM

Thank you guys … I’ve never been so exicted :)

Dusty Fields

5/21/2012 1:01 PM

Standing in a virtual line as we speak! Can NOT wait!

Jon Brown

5/21/2012 1:01 PM

Cabel – Thanks, and I found the pricing info on /coda/support. Seems an excellent deal.

Are there any limitations of the MAS version? Integration with Git/Transmit for example?

I know you guys know the in’s and out’s of the MAS restrictions since you wrote a fantastic blog post on it a few months ago… but just wondering which purchase is better suited to me… iCloud would be nice, but everything else (connections to git, plugins, transmit) is way more important.

Nice OP-1 patch, man;)

Mike DeLeon

5/21/2012 1:23 PM

Can’t wait to try this out, I’ve been using alternatives for a while but I think this is sounds incredible, can’t till launch!

Does CSS live updating will support CSS preprocessor like SASS/SCSS? If not, will it be possible to write a plugin that brings that support? Thanks!

What’s the differences between the Mac App Store version, and the version? Obviously iCloud is a point in Mac App Store’s direction, but what’s the advantage of buying directly from you (Awesome) guys?

iCloud is the biggest difference. Otherwise, it’s all about convenience (all apps in one nice place) versus update speed (Apple takes longer to approve updates).

The update looks awesome, I’ve been using Coda since it was launched and will certainly be making a couple of purchases on the 24th.

I’m a bit concerned about the MAS vs non MAS version as well. With the very real limitations of sandboxing I’m worried about feature parity beyond just iCloud.

Pelted: Our app was submitted prior to the sandboxing deadline, so it’s grandfathered in.

woooohooo! :]

But does the grandfather clause apply to Coda 2.0.1 and beyond?

Morten Zetlitz

5/21/2012 1:49 PM

Many grown ups are excited silly over this, me included. Anything from Panic is worth it. Even if you guys would come up with DRMs and 1st day downloads (Git support), I’d trust you. Coda is one of the cores my business is founded on.


5/21/2012 2:05 PM

Can’t wait to get my hands on Coda2 it looks amazing.

Can I use Diet Coda fully functionally without Coda 2 for the Mac? Sorry if this is already answered elsewhere. I don’t have a Mac (yet) but the Diet Coda looks awesome on its own.

Jordan: Diet Coda is a standalone editor, yes.

Diet Coda looks fully functional, except it only has a concept of a remote file system (Thus no local editing). Other then that, it looks golden.


5/21/2012 2:16 PM

Same question as previous Olivier’ one : CSS preprocessor support ?

Do you have any good neighbor discounts? We work right across the street (close enough to bring your team snacks or cold brews).

I am SO excited for these. I cannot wait to buy both on Thursday. I literally feel like christmas came early. Those resizable top editor tabs look amazing!

JB Dalido

5/21/2012 2:47 PM

YATA ! I seriously love you guys ! Great job !

Scott Elkin

5/21/2012 2:48 PM

Will I be able to import my sites from Coda -> Diet Coda?

Any way to keep in sync?

I am quite excited for this. How much will it cost in the Mac AppStore when it comes out? I need to load up on iTunes credits.


Is it possible to sync sites and preferences without iCloud (in the non MAS version)? Coda 1 syncs flawlessly via Dropbox for me.

I’d love to know what languages support code hinting!

is it any easier to create or modify syntax highlighting/theming?

H: Significantly.

Long time Coda user, buying this immediately! Quick question about Diet Coda (awesome name by the way), will it support the original iPad?

Yay. Congrats. I was just wondering about Coda’s future late last week.

First big request: AirPreview for Android. I do a lot of mobile web, and would benefit greatly from the same functionality in a Android preview app. Similarly, the ability to connect several devices simultaneously.

First big question: What is the status of Coda 1 plugins?

Cabel: Thanks for the quick reply. This upgrade looks amazing. Congratulations.

What is the price for coda 2 (for a non Coda 1 user) on the first day of launch. Is there a Coda 1 + 2 package or something?

Diet Coda looks really cool. Wish you could edit files from a GIT repo instead of via FTP. Maybe one for the wish list. Good job guys :)

2x Wish you could edit files from a GIT repo instead of via FTP. Maybe one for the wish list.

Jason:Yep, this is just the beginning. We’ll definitely be soliciting more ideas in the future.

Hi, I have a license for Transmit 4, you can get a discount for Coda 2? :-)

Finally! I loved Coda, but I have moved on to some other software coz lack of some basic functions! But coda had the best gui and the best feel to it! I simply loved it. If all works out as promised, I’m buying Coda 2 ASAP, especially with the discount prices for first 24h! See ya :>

And one more thing… Can we use GIT and all other nice things if we buy in MacApp Store? I really love MacApp store and want to use that version, but not if it means lacking of some functions in Coda 2. Thanks for your reply :)

Huraay: Yes.

Jason Gregori

5/21/2012 5:36 PM

ditto to jordan and other jason: diet coda with git support would be awesome!

Re: iCloud.

Smile offers a 99¢ helper app in the app store [1] to facilitate iCloud syncing with the directly-purchased version of PDFpen. Would something like that be possible with Coda?


Will this run in 10.6.8 or is it Lion only? :)

Magnus: Mac OS X 10.6+.

Looks great, guys! Thank you for keeping 10.6 support and offering a direct download. I can’t stand the Fisher-Price Lion OS or the MAS limitations.

Does the half-off day 1 sale apply to the MAS version as well, or is it just for non-app store? I’ve had a collection of iTunes cards stowed away for months with coda 2 written all over them.

Kevin: All versions.

Parker Bennett

5/21/2012 7:50 PM

Mac OS X 10.6+ Yay! But what about 32-bit?

I’ve got an aging Core Duo MacBookPro — will Coda 2 be the software that finally pushes me to get a new machine?

Long-time Coda user, can’t wait for the upgrade. My only concern has been that without manually reloading remote dirs I’ve sometimes worked on stale files. Will the connection to the server be auto-refreshed or will that be a setting we can enable?

David Angel

5/21/2012 8:17 PM

Doh, which version!?

I just exploded. This is TURBO good! CODA2 FTW!

Waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the 24th. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with my favorite editor.

Gilmar Lira

5/21/2012 10:08 PM

Shut up, and take my money! ;)

What Gilmar said!

Great news. I suppose in the case of Apple placing new restrictions on AppStore apps in the future, Panic will be technically able to migrate users to a non-AppStore version by releasing individual licenses to affected users. It wouldn’t be possible the other way round, there is no upgrading of a non-AppStore app in the AppStore.

By this logic, the AppStore version is more future-proof.

Do you plan to localize Coda 2 as you did with Transmit ? Thank you for your answer (and for your great software) !

Looks awesome! Couple of questions though –

Any issues with importing sites from Coda 1 to Coda 2?

Is there an “upload on save” option?

Add a plugin system to Diet Coda so we can implement a wireframe / mockflow tool with automatic HTML generator and we’ll never need another editor again.

PS: The “Chrono Medium” font used on the Diet Coda page has a weird issue on Windows 7 + Chrome: lowercase “c” looks just like “o”.

I’m very exciting to see your new sofware.

We don’t care about Coda, we want to hear about Prompt 2.0!

(just kidding… Coda 2 looks great, can’t wait to use it)

Pedro Fardilha

5/22/2012 3:38 AM

Just to double check:
Only Coda will support Git, Diet Coda will “only” work thru FTP and SFTP, right?

If this is the case, please, add me to the list of those hoping that in a latter version DC will allow Git.
(I understand that’s easier to be said than done. I’ve been searching about that on other iPad editors and according to Textastic dev he has to recreate the full git lib in order to some day be able to add that to he’s app. Still I _really_ hope that it will be on Panic wish list).

Can’t wait for the 24th to spend my money!!

Awesome, I love you.

Robert Fauver

5/22/2012 4:12 AM

I’m unbelievably excited and telling everyone I know that they need to get Coda2 & Diet Coda!

hi guys

is there a way to sync the pages (ftp settings, etc) in coda2 with the ipad app? i plan to buy the app directly here to support you. so i’m not sure why i have o buy the mas-version (icloud… for what?)

kind regards. i love your software!



5/22/2012 4:32 AM

Un petit commentaire en français, volontairement. Tout est regroupé au niveau de nos attentes : 64 bits, GIT support, sites management by group et bien plus : MySQL support ! et toutes ces autres fonctionnalités proposées. Très impatient d’être le 24 mai pour acheter directement cette nouvelle version.

Merci à l’équipe Panic

Kia Kamgar

5/22/2012 4:52 AM

I too think syncing without iCloud would be a good thing +1

One question: are settings (sites, etc. ) shared between Mac and iPad versions with iCloud?

Wow, I just wet myself about this update!

I bought Coda about three years ago and love it ever since.
And now you improved pretty much everything that bothered me a bit and added some new kick-ass features just when I’m about to get self-employed and use Coda even more!
You’re awesome! :D

Sweet baby Jesus!! I’ve never been so giddy about a software release in my life. I was always curious if an iPad app was a possible surprise and you all delivered. Thank you for such a wonderful and invaluable application. My life is complete. Off topic…if there’s any way you can eliminate IE from all computers that’d be wonderful – it’s a miserable development experience.

OK, feel free to laugh at me, but early this morning (5am EST) I was reading email from my iPhone in bed (using Sparrow of course), and someone on the Coda Users Google Group mentioned that the Panic website was updated, and there was a preview video for Coda 2 and a new iPad version. I quickly went to check it out, and after about 1 minute I was laughing out loud in bed, and promptly stood up (still in bed) and gave you a round of applause. I was literally clapping and laughing in bed. Granted I probably looked like a crazy person, but no one else was around, so who cares!

Congrats, Panic! I’ve been patiently waiting, trusting you guys would impress us… and I was right. I knew you’d knock our socks off. GIT support, code folding, folders in the Sites window, the cool new path bar, that new sidebar looks awesome… file management looks way cool! I can’t wait to dig in. It looks like you guys have completely reinvented the app, and it looks amazing! I seriously can’t wait for the 24th. I’ll be setting my alarm early that day, so I can buy it immediately.

I have to confess, I’m a little torn over the MAS concept: I think Coda/DietCoda syncing (via iCloud) would be cool… but most of my serious apps are not purchased through the appstore, for pretty serious reasons: update speed, openness, etc. Example: for the last few months I was running a modded version of Coda to support Lion Fullscreen mode. Would something like that still be possible (manually editing bits and bobs?) I’m veering off-topic with this, but I’m a little scared for the future of OS X, in relation to sandboxing, entitlements, etc. If any class of programs requires unfettered access, it would be an IDE or code editor. Plugins, scripting (applescript and beyond) are all utterly essential. Hopefully you guys have worked something out with Apple.

OK, one quick question for Panic, and one for plugin developers:
Will the Coda developers (i.e., Panic staff) use the MAS version personally?
Will plugin developers switch to MAS, or will they stick to the individually licensed version directly from Panic?

Cheers guys! I seriously can’t wait. This was an awesome way to start my day this morning (reading about Coda 2 and DietCoda in bed).

P.S. I LOVE the name “DietCoda” it’s fun, and has just the right amount of Panic “cuteness” –– but it looks really powerful and user friendly. Actually it looks like something from the future. Outstanding job! I’ll be buying both apps on day one!

P.S.S. Will you continue to sell Coda directly from your website? I’ll be buying the MAS version on day one for sure so I can get site syncing with DietCoda (maybe both to get the discount). If I change my mind down the road, and want to get away from the MAS version, it would be good to know you’re planning on selling/supporting/updating it directly for a long time to come.


5/22/2012 8:14 AM

hi! i’ve been using coda for some time and love it! i’m excited to get the upgrade, but i’ll be traveling (and hence offline). would it be possible to take advantage of the 50% discount with a pre-order?


Any word on preprocessing support? That would make my day :)

OH YES. yes.

What exact time will the sale start? I am in Spain and travelling to London that day and will be remiss to be excluded from the awesome price of this long awaited update. Need to know if I have to train a monkey *cough* family member to log in and buy for me or not…

Will there be a setting to switch between active and passive mode for FTP? I’m currently using Espresso (which apparently auto-detects – but fails) but has been giving me trouble for several weeks now and is basically unusable now. Would be willing to switch but worried it won’t solve my problem and I’ll be out $100.

Dear Panic. Marry me!

Loving what I’m seeing – can’t wait to try it out. I’ve been a TextMate user for sometime but this is very tempting :)

(Re: your question #1)
Coda can already split windows between multiple files!
Try it yourself: Split a window/tab, then drag another file from the coda file browser into one of the splits (in code view) and it will show you two different files. I do it all the time, by having a CSS file in one split, and a web preview of another file in the other split. Sometimes I do three, with two CSS files (normal and narrow, for responsive design, and a web preview next to them)

I always thought it would be awesome to be able to combine vertical and horizontal splits (i.e., have two splits side by side (vertical) like css and web preview… and have a horizontal split beneath them both for terminal

is it possible to change the location of the “close min max” buttons? i don’t see the benefits – user experience wise. nonetheless some very promising features and i guess you can count me in as a customer ;)

JUST shit my pants! Can’t wait!!!

Awesome about Coda 2. I’ll buy it as soon as its out. Does that mean a Stattoo release is imminent? :)

Rasmus Willemoes

5/22/2012 12:25 PM

Is it possible to drag the live preview tab to an external monitor, or is the preview pane locked as it is in Coda 1 ?

OMG, yes!!!

I have been waiting to purchase Coda for many years due to pricing concerns (mostly from my end) and, with the launch of Coda2 on Thursday, my wait will finally be over. 50% off is huge, and is a big enough leap for me to go all in and to purchase the software. I think my coding/designing experience will drastically change once I have your app on hand.

turbo bäm lazer 3000!

excited as pie!


What is a MAS version and why it is good or bad? I’m confused.

lvidal: MAS stands for Mac App Stor. Only difference is iCloud sync (clips, sites) between Coda 2 and DietCoda I guess.


5/23/2012 4:47 AM

I bought my copy of Coda via the MAS yesterday and today I find out that there’s a new version coming out tomorrow. not only that, but those who bought direct from your site recently get the upgrade for free and those who bought from the MAS (me included) don’t.
This information wasn’t on the app store, nor was it on your coda page on your site, in-fact there’s no mention of coda2 at-all there.

I just came across this information when I was searching for plug-ins.

I’m not very happy.

@leeray666: Give it back in the MAS and buy the direct version


5/23/2012 6:22 AM

How do I do that?

I hope that it finally autocomplete “!important” in CSS files … as Espresso does.


5/23/2012 7:37 AM

Do you have finally added the ability to find all (instead of only find next or replace all)? I was really hoping it would be mentioned somewhere in the new features section but I didn’t see anything. Please don’t tell me that you did a massive overhaul of the whole program and didn’t improve the find/replace functionality, that would just make me cry.

Auto-complete of custom functions, would that include auto-complete of CSS selectors in a linked CSS file?

Feature request: there are probably a million problems with this but I think it would be awesome if every time you used a new style in the html, that it would generate an empty selector in the linked CSS file. Or somehow identify styles in the html that don’t have matching selectors in the CSS. Or something like that…

auto upload of changed files in a local folder would be nice to work together with compass app on a remote server.

Is there any advantages to buying on MAS versus Direct Purchase? I’m thinking direct sounds like it is just fine.

When will they actually be available? Can I buy them today after midnight EST?


5/23/2012 11:45 AM

What about the new way to manage files on the local and the remote?
Where is the column with “local” and “remote” tab and the ability to edit in local and upload only changes online?

I LOVE that tune on the Coda2 demo. What is it? Where can I get it? :)

So what is an exact release time? I’m most interested in GMT time :)


5/23/2012 12:06 PM

Congrats Panic! I’ve been patiently waiting…

I can’t wait for DietCoda. I’ll stay up tonight to buy it right after launch. Awesome!

I believe it’s 00:00 your local time. I’ve got my copy (Australia)


5/23/2012 12:26 PM

Hi, I’m really excited about the release of Coda 2. Looking at the video however I’m wondering how keyboard navigation will be affected or how it has improved. For example the file browser, can this be triggered via a shortcut? What other changes or improvements can we expect for Quick Open? etc.

I think a few of us still have unanswered questions about the MAS versus the non-MAS version, which is going to become very important tomorrow. Mine are:

1. Is there a way to sync sites & clips to other computers and Diet Coda without iCloud?
2. Are there any functions on the non-MAS version that will be crippled on the MAS version?
3. You mentioned being grandfathered on the sandboxing deadline, but will this apply to future updates (as one user put it, 2.0.1)?
4. If the versions split in the future (if future updates are crippled because of MAS policies), will support be willing to provide a non-MAS license for MAS users, or will we have to re-buy?

Tommy Day

5/23/2012 12:33 PM

If we’re using the direct version of Coda now, but we buy the Mac App Store version of Coda 2, will our sites and prefs all sync once we install?

Tom Piestansky

5/23/2012 12:55 PM

Will Diet Coda support Less Syntax higlight?
Thanks, Tom

John Wise

5/23/2012 1:02 PM

For the record, I’ll be upgrading directly from Panic rather than MAS. iCloud is not the only cloud storage game in town; I’ll be syncing my stuff with one of my many other cloud storage accounts.

Given a choice between buying direct or buying through MAS, I’ll choose direct nearly all the time.

Jeremy Burton

5/23/2012 1:18 PM

Nobody has asked the most important question yet… When will the Coda 2 t-shirts be available? You have designed them, right?

I’m so excited about Coda 2 and Diet Coda. Been using Coda 1 since the beginning and always loved it. These new apps look amazing. Panic is my fav software developer by far. Keep up the great work Cabel and co; you’re an inspiration.

@John Wise: iCloud may not be the only game in town if you’re syncing between desktops, but what if you want to sync with Diet Coda?

And will the live update feature work between Diet Coda and the Panic-purchased version of Coda?

I’m also leaning towards buying direct, but it’s really just a gamble, and there are a lot of unknowns. Right now the MAS version has a slight advantage in its feature set. If apple introduces more MAS-only APIs, it’s possible the MAS version will get even more unique features. But it’s also possible Panic adds some great features that are banned from apps distributed through the MAS.

Really what we need is some guidance from Panic. Knowing version updates can take 5 years, there’s a lot that can happen. Will they allow large discrepancies in the two feature sets? And if so, will one version take priority over the other?

I’m tempted to buy one copy of each version during the 50% off sale. I’ll still end up only paying full price, and during the next 5 years it could take for Coda 3 to be released, I’l be able to switch to whichever version currently has the more attractive feature set.

Obviously the best option would be to allow MAS purchasers to also receive a license to the Panic-purchased version. MarsEdit does this. MarsEdit MAS purchasers can also run the direct-download version of the software.

The big question for this Thursday remains: Does non-MAS Coda sync with Diet Coda?


5/23/2012 2:55 PM

@Raf No Diet Coda will not sync with non-MAS coda I just asked on Twitter.

Jim Pietrangelo

5/23/2012 3:00 PM

I’ve been using Coda since the very first day it was released — every day — almost all day. It’s become indispensable. I’ve tried others, including some more complete IDEs along the way, but always return unfulfilled and feeling a little bit dirty, to Coda. The thing I like about Coda the most is that it doesn’t get in the way when you’re working. I liken it to a painter’s palette for front-end coders. It’s very Mac in that way.

I’ve got to buy Microsoft Office for Mac because some of the companies we work with need us to present them with absolutely 100% compatible Word files. I’m dreading laying out the $$ when the 30 day trial ends simply because I just hate giving money to Microsoft.

On the other hand, I’ll be first in line to buy Coda2 the moment its released here on the East Coast (US.) I expect, after a short learning curve, that it will become every bit as much a part of my life as is Coda 1.

Thank you Cabel and company. Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing for myself what miracles you were able to squeeze into code.

Chris Wiegman

5/23/2012 3:10 PM

Congrats! Hopefully this will be able to woo me back from Espresso.

Thanks Sebastien.

Also from @panic Twitter:

“If MAS users get screwed we’ll do everything possible to make a migration path. —C”

It is a no-brainer, I’m getting the MAS version.


5/23/2012 3:42 PM

@Raf thanks for posting back, MAS version it is.

I’m in CET time zone, and still no Coda on MAS. I guess I’ll have to wait about 7-8 hours more for Coda to be available (Portland 00:00). Pitty, I was looking forward to working on it right now, but a little more time won’t kill me. I guess ;)

Actually, it’s available. But on german, UK, etc. stores. Not in my store (Croatia), so I’m still kinda left out for the time being :)

Adam Roberts

5/23/2012 6:02 PM

I really hope the following is supported well, as these will be clinchers:

Zen Coding

Can’t find any information about that, so I guess I’m going to have to try the demo out quickly, assuming there is a trial.demo version… ;)


Is iCloud sync is just for syncing across desktops? I can’t sync Coda 2 with Diet Coda… if so, is there any way for me to import them to Diet Coda?

And AirPreview seems to pick up public_html as a path so it’s accessing is there anyway to set it properly? Editable address bar there would help…

Finally, is there a proper way for me to submit these questions?

How toe f*** did you get it Soemarko?

Its out now on Mac App Store!

Ok it’s the 24th…… Here in Dubai!! Yet it still redirects to the coming soon page.

Still waiting.

I’m confused. You guys said earlier that Coda 2 is $75.00, and 50% off for the first 24 hours. But it’s on the MAS as $49.99.

most of people incl. me not using apple store. and wishing to try it before pay.

Installing now!

I’m an avid PhpStorm user but I couldn’t resist. Hopefully it blows my hair back! *fingers crossed*

Sweet! Just downloaded from MAS. Excellent work as usual.

BUYING NOW!!!! Awesome!

@memdus I’m on UTC + 10. it’s 3:30 pm on 24th here

@memdus I’m in Melbourne, AU. it’s 3:30 pm on 24th here

Tom Piestansky

5/23/2012 11:30 PM

Any1 figure out .less syntax support ? By the way, will the iCloud support syncing on 10.6.8 with iPad ?

Coda 2 is beautiful, really really nice job, I have been using Coda2 for only an 1h but its realy worth it… a MUST BUY. Congrats… Excellent Job.

Everything looks really amazing. Reading your tweets I saw Coda2 has some minor issues, but nothing really big, so for a first version everything looks really fantastic! Congrats on that. But in future updates, I hope you guys make Preview available on second monitor, that would really be amazing. Just bought my MAS version and enjoying it so far :>

And one more thing… When can we expect screencasts? I know plenty of us know all coda functions, but there are some new ones, and of course, new users as well. But frenkly, I enjoyed your screencasts before and would love to see them again :)

So guys, what about the suggestion of @Ed:
“Obviously the best option would be to allow MAS purchasers to also receive a license to the Panic-purchased version. MarsEdit does this. MarsEdit MAS purchasers can also run the direct-download version of the software.”
This would be the ultimate no brainer solution, isn’t it ?

Just bought Coda 2 and love it – I then went and bought Diet Coda on my iPad as I do my coding on a Macbook with a small screen and thought the AirPreview would be great as a second screen for previewing my development. I may be a bit stupid here but I started a new site in Coda 2 and created an HTML page. I then started Diet Coda to the projects page and hit AirPreview in Coda 2. It cannot find my iPad – both devices are connected to my works wifi. Do I need to use Bluetooth or something…?

Bought DietCoda as soon as I woke up today. As for Coda 2, it took me some time to decide whether to go with MAS version or direct download and have finally decided to take the MAS route because of the iCloud synchronization. You just had to release it today, on my wife’s birthday did you? That’s 60$ less for her present, she’ll hate you for that ;-))) Seriously, congrats, excellent work guys. +1 for @Ed’s suggestion on giving MAS buyers additional direct download licence. My wishlist: ZEN Coding, LESS/SASS and CoffeeScript integration (including compiling). That would be a killer feature set.

Downloaded and Love it…

+1 for Jalkut’s model

Coda 1 will still be intact after downloading Coda 2 correct? Just in case.

Love the new interface, but my site icons won’t refresh from those it got from Coda 1. Both versions still work on my computer, but the site icons WORK on Coda 1.

Avec airPreview comment afficher les fichiers CSS ?

Car quand j’edit mon site en local sur mon macbook, le texte change instantanément, mais il ne prend pas en compte les fichiers externes :/

The 24th, we had to make a fast and difficult choice, a kind of Sophie’s Choice, between the non-MAS and the MAS version.
I opted for the MAS because of iCloud. Now, I wonder if I did well, because of the future.
Can you answer the questions that remained unanswered, please?
In particular the one from @Jackson:
“Will plugin developers switch to MAS, or will they stick to the individually licensed version directly from Panic?”

It would be nice to find an easy way for a MAS customer to become a direct customer. As @Ed said:
“Obviously the best option would be to allow MAS purchasers to also receive a license to the Panic-purchased version. MarsEdit does this. MarsEdit MAS purchasers can also run the direct-download version of the software.”
This is the Jalkut’s model, a model that ensures complete satisfaction of the customer.

That said, thanks for this very good work!
I wish you all the best!

Santo Vonruden

5/31/2012 5:54 PM

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Craig Harris

7/28/2012 4:58 PM

Love the new version. Sad re: the change in the CSS editor. Can’t get the hang of it.
Is it still possible to download version 1 of the software?

Heriberto Ostlund

7/30/2012 7:32 PM

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Nice done, but I’m still missing the auto publish function.
Thats the best way to create images – if there is an auto upload/publish function.

where do i synchronize the sites from Coda one to two… ?