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Frequently asked questions about Stattoo:

Can I get the temperature in Celsius?
Yes! Open System Preferences, click International, click Formats, then choose Metric from the Measurement Units pop-up. Now, relaunch Stattoo. Bingo! With any luck, Celsius!

If it's already set to Metric, try setting it to U.S., then back to Metric. Don't ask us why, but for some reason, this works. :)

How can I look up the weather for an international location?
If you live outside of the United States, you need to give Stattoo an ICAO code for it to find and lookup your local weather data.

ICAO codes are airport codes used around the world. They are usually four letters -- for example, the Tokyo Airport ICAO is "RJTT". To look up an ICAO code for your area, try this international ICAO lookup tool.

Can I move the Stattoo Bar higher on my screen?
Mais oui! With the Add / Remove Modules window open, simply click and drag on the little "drag handle" (it looks like a couple lines) at the bottom center of the Stattoo Bar. That's it!
The modules don't all fit on my screen!
Yes -- this is a known issue that we will most certainly address in a future version of Stattoo. In the meantime, why not pick up a beautiful new Apple Cinema Display? :)
I have an idea for a capsule!
Well, by all means, send it to us -- just use the above. Thanks!