Panic Inc.

The competition is free. The industry is moving fast. And we’re making a brand-new, fully native, web development editor just for the Mac.

What are we thinking?

Twelve years ago we introduced Coda, the world’s first web development editor. It put the tools you needed to make a web page together in one app, and nobody had ever done that before.

But a lot has changed since then. Websites are now more like applications in the way they're built and run. Deployment is much more complex than an FTP upload. Languages, frameworks, toolchains — and possibilities — have exploded.

We had to make a difficult choice: rewrite Coda for this new world, or leave it behind?

We’ve been making apps for a long time. And we never stopped having a passion for creating beautiful, functional, useful tools that help people do their very best work.

It’s what we are. It’s why we’re here.

So, you can probably guess what we chose.

Later this year, we’ll be releasing a preview of our next Mac web editor, one you can try for yourself.

Is it any good?

So far, yes. We think so. We’re using it every day.

There are substantial new modern editor features, like multiple cursors, highlighting for identifiers, tag pairs, and brackets, editor overscroll, improved autocomplete, and more.

There’s publishing to multiple destinations. A sidebar for build issues. Themes for the entire workspace. A new Terminal.

And since it’s Mac native, it’s super smooth and hyper responsive, designed to get your work done as quickly as possible. It’s also way faster than Coda 2 — up to 40 times faster when parsing files and indexing a project.

Most intriguingly, there’s still a lot we’re not quite ready to talk about — innovative new ways that our next editor can help you with your entire web development workflow.

How can we compete?

That’s a fair question. Many of our competitors are free, and we really rely on, well, revenue.

But if there’s anything we believe, it’s this: when you build an amazing product that helps people be happier doing their jobs every day, you’ll find the customers you need to keep it going.

Just look at Transmit, our file transfer client, which is still being actively developed, 20 years later.

We know we’ll never crush the big guys. We won’t even be on Windows. But that’s OK, because crushing anything has never really been a goal. Instead, we’re working hard to give you something really amazing. Something you’ll use every day. Something worth switching to.

But change is always hard.

It’s not all great news. Our next editor will be entirely redesigned, which for Coda 2 users means some re-learning of how the app works. It was important for us to make it fast, modern, free of bloat, and out-of-your-way so you can work quickly. That meant totally starting over.

Plus, some features from Coda 2 will be going away — at least for now — like the MySQL client and visual CSS editing.

But we’re going to be moving fast. Iterating constantly. Listening to feedback daily. This is an app that won’t be standing still. And we’re counting on you to guide us.

And, it won’t be called Coda.

Yes, the next Coda is so different it won’t even be called Coda.

Frankly, we were worried that developers may have tried Coda in the past, decided it wasn’t for them, and written the app off forever. This new version is so new, it deserves a fresh start.

And then, incredibly, a new Coda arrived on the scene — a reimagined document at — and we reached an agreement to let them have the name. They’re Coda now. And we’re free to look to the future.

So the next Coda won’t be “Coda”. So what will it be?

It will be very special.

Yeah, it’s true, we do things a little… differently here at Panic. But we love the Mac. We love building professional tools. And we love helping you do your best work.

Our next editor will be here before you know it.