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November 7th, 2017

Hello, Panic friends! Just a quick announcement:

All three of our iOS apps — Prompt, Coda and Transmit — have all been updated for iPhone X.

That means that you can now SSH into your servers, make quick web fixes, and transfer files to and fro, all while taking advantage of every single pixel of that crazy-nice 2436 × 1125 OLED display.

We hope you enjoy these free updates.

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Kamran Aslam

11/12/2017 3:41 PM

I purchased Transmit through apple app store when you use to sell your product there. I have reformatted my computer and I want to use my previously purchased licensed but your system doesn’t recognise my account. What can I do to get my serial number back?


Kamran Aslam

Panic Inc.

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