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Panic State of the Union

Hi there. We’re Panic. I’d like to try being more transparent. So here’s what going on, right now.

Let’s start with Unison. Earlier this year we released Unison 2, a dramatic update that totally modernized our Usenet newsreader. Since release, we’ve been actively fixing bugs and adding the occasional feature — here’s the full list — and now we’re up to to 2.1.2, just released. Even though Unison 2 work is complete, Dave continues to look at incoming crash logs and exceptions daily, fixing them in a continuous cycle. Now, will there be a Unison 3? It’s hard to say, for two reasons: with a few exceptions, we can’t think of many major features to add (without diving into minutiae — our design goal is to keep Unison general-purpose), and the future of Usenet itself always feels a little uncertain. We’ll play it by ear, but we believe Unison 2 is one of the best newsreaders on any platform — period — and we’ll continue to make it shine into the future.

After a huge development cycle, Transmit 4 has been a huge success, personally and publicly. If you’ve got files to transfer, we’ve got your truckback. We just released version 4.1.3, which fixes our most-encountered known issues — here’s the list of changes. Looking forward, Will is always checking out incoming bugs and crashers and we’ll keep fixing. We’ll also be integrating updates from Amit — the original creator of MacFUSE — who is steadily adding improvements to our massive new (and now 64-bit) Transmit Disk feature. Transmit 4 is exactly where we want it to be right now — smooth, easy-to-use, powerful file transfer. But hang on — that doesn’t mean we’re done, or don’t have long list of bigger ideas and improvements to make in the future. (We read you, Rackspace Cloud Files fans, and heavy-duty Places users.) It’s a matter of timing and we’re swamped — once we can take a breather from the next item in this list, we’ll keep working to make Transmit even better than it is now.

For the most part, though, it’s all hands on the next Coda. That’s what we’re living and breathing. Wade, Will and Ian are doing the heavy lifting, Steve’s also spending a lot of time in this world, and we’ve brought in The Coding Monkeys — Dom and Martin — to work directly with us on some lower-level engine changes. Last year’s plan for the future of Coda was to keep things simple, not touch the UI, and only focus on highly-requested editor features. Something about that didn’t feel quite right to us, though — it wasn’t a “true” Panic 2.0? — so after two fateful days locked in front of a whiteboard, we’re now looking at more substantial improvements and changes, while trying our best to stay balanced (keeping in mind the supreme court case of Baby v. Bathwater). We really see the next major Coda update as a massive, unmissable opportunity to fix and clarify a lot of Coda behavior that’s been nagging us from day one. We won’t do a half-hearted job — we want to rise to the challenge and make something special for you. This excitement comes, of course, with deflating expectation-setting: the next Coda is going to take some time still. But we’re working hard. And instead of guessing at a release date right now — guaranteeing disaster — how about I make the following promise: when we hit private beta, I’ll let you know via this blog within seconds. Then you’ll know things are close.

One last little exclusive Coda tidbit: we’re wrapping up Coda 1.7 for release in the next couple of weeks, which adds much-requested HTML5 goodness to our completion dictionaries! This includes all HTML5 elements (with appropriate attributes, values, and hints) and additional CSS attributes (including -moz and -webkit extensions). JavaScript also gets a massive completion update in 1.7, including HTML5 event handlers, core language keywords, and tons of missing DOM objects and properties. It’s quite nice.  We were originally planning to roll this work into a more major Coda update, but that didn’t seem fair. We hope it helps you out while you wait for the future!

Finally, software-wise, Wade has a few bug fixes in the hopper on CandyBar, and has a few new ideas on how to improve its reliability, but it’ll take a little downtime for us to wrap up a release. Next year we hope to talk to our friends at The Iconfactory about where we go next!

What else is going on? We’re also got some very interesting iOS experiments. Dave and the recently-hired Garrett are doing some exciting proof-of-concept work on… things. It’s far too early to discuss. But rest assured that, not counting 2009’s Pantscast, we’re not ignoring this incredibly, critically important platform. You can quote me on that.

Finally, something interesting but similarly oblique: we’ve hired Greg (formerly of Apple, pinball documentaries and more) to tackle what we call “Special Projects“. What? Well, every now and then we’re approached with a job for an outside organization, where we make cool apps and creative things that we’ll likely never be able to tell you about. 99.9% of the time we say “no”, since I’m not super fond of agency-style work, but every now and then it’s fun, satisfying, and something we’re actually interested in, like right now. Greg’s doing code and art for this world, while in the future possibly becoming more of a “project manager” for all of our apps. (Welcome to Portland, Greg.)

While all of this is happening, something incredibly important but little-discussed is going on in the back of the room: the formative rumblings of a formal QA department. We recently hired James (formerly of Omni and bicycles) to work with our existing crack support team, also known as Les and Tim. They’re devising processes and methods to improve our regression testing, release checklists, bug triaging, and more. With any luck, this hard work will take a little pressure off the engineers, and improve the release quality of our software.

Speaking of Support, our queues are lower than they’ve been in months thanks to the ultra hard work of these very guys, also including Noby’s work in Japan and Mike’s handling of the non-technical stuff while establishing our ironic-or-earnest? sales department. If any of these guys have helped you lately, let them know. For me. My ultimate dream goal is getting Panic to a 24-hour turnaround time for all e-mail requests — can we pull it off before 2011? Stay tuned! Also, mysteriously, Neven and I continue to deeply enjoy handling support via Twitter. 140 character tech support is the greatest, most refreshing thing in the world. If you have a company and don’t do it, do it.

Last but not least, the Art Department — myself, Neven, and Kenichi — work daily to support every single thing you’ve just read, with a steady stream of mockups, icons, and more. And while a sharp increase of art department work has meant a sharp reduction in blogging, we also hope to keep posting fun things here, including the infamous “Panic Office Tour” post, as the Quicktime VR’s are finally done. The big albatross that looms over us? A redesign of the Panic main page, with (possibly) a refresh of our company logo. It continues to terrify, but we’ll get there in 2011, I swear. (This website redesign ties directly into minor updates of Stattoo and Desktastic, which we should have released long ago. My apologies — if I did it again, I wouldn’t make those dependent on each other.)

And, well, that’s us in a nutshell.

As always, thanks for your support, thanks for your purchases, thanks for your great ideas and suggestions, and thanks for your word-of-mouth advertising that has become the foundation of our company. You are the reason we do what we do.

We’ll always keep working to make even more cool things.

TL;DR: we are busy.

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Can’t wait to see what you guys do with coda!

Now where is our Mame cabinet post :P

I know it is not part of the Coda Idea… but i will love if you add “external screen” window!
Other wise, can’t wait for all the updates to come!
Congratulations on your work!
and what about a “Coda for iPad?”

Darren James Harkness

10/22/2010 12:13 PM

Thanks for the update Cabel – really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Coda.

Good to see this update. I recently decided to make the jump from straight text into task-specific editors, and lack of clarity on when the forthcoming release of Coda led me to choose Transmit/Textmate/CSS edit while waiting to see what you guys came up with.

Actually, it may be worth noting that I went this route for the following reasons…

Transmit I choose because it wasn’t really clear to me from looking on your site how nicely Coda was going to handle FTP duties. Having it all separate and clear seemed like a better choice, and gave more flexibility for interfacing with S3.

Textmate I picked because it had a Shopify bundle. That is the sole reason, and it seems driven by a simple API interface. So maybe that’s something you guys could consider adding.

CSS Edit I chose because after picking the above software for those reasons, I figured I’d rather just spend less pending the release of the new Coda. Plus, CSS updating speed in Coda has gotten less than stellar reviews and it wasn’t clear to me that Coda would play nice with just CSS and not managing the whole project.

Now, after having been on this diet for a month or so, I love Transmit (aside from a few minor annoyances). Textmate is fine. The Shopify integration is still the killer app on this, but it’s not blowing me away. Probably will get better if I get more under the hood, but I want to work, not wade through the manual. And CSS edit is good, but not great. I’d feel better if I’d paid $30 for this, not $40.

Anyway, short story, after using Transmit I really want to see you guys hit a homerun with Coda 2.0. I would happily shelve the above three pieces of software (aside from S3 duty for Transmit) if you guys can make it happen.

I’m in PDX, so if you ever do a user group or something, I’d love to help out. So please add me to your list.


PS – You’re not alone, the manhole alignment issue has bugged me for some time as well.

Nathan DeGruchy

10/22/2010 12:29 PM

I really can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for Transmit. I’m dying for better S3/CloudFront support. I keep having to stave off the temptation to run CyberDuck…

James Sumners

10/22/2010 1:03 PM

It’s good to hear about what is going on with some of my most used, and favorite, applications.

I would just like to throw out a feature request for Coda 2: Mercurial support.

Quicktime VR’s!? ;)

Does that last bit mean Stattoo will be updated to work with 10.6? If so, I’m sold. Been wanting to get it, but without all the features working, I haven’t.

Jay Contonio

10/22/2010 1:26 PM

Looking forward to Coda 2. I hope the “GAAH TEXTMATE STYLE EVERYTHIIIIIINGG” feature gets implemented since Textmate 2 is never going to see the light of day.

Ross Woodruff

10/22/2010 1:29 PM

Please PLEASE add some sort of RSS integration to Unison. It’s a great casual newsreader, but I’ve all but abandoned it for SABnzbd+ because of it’s NZBMatrix integration. This really would make Unison the best newsreader for any platform hands down. Right now it has no automation at all and it’s frustrating.

Asjer Querido

10/22/2010 1:34 PM

James Sumners nailed it for me, Mercurial support please! :-) Also have to say, you guys are doing a great job already, loving the New Transmit!

Scott Whitlow

10/22/2010 1:36 PM

Great info on the status of Coda! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!
I was wondering – is there any place we can go to and put in feature requests for the new version? I’ll go ahead and add just “one” here: Hitting escape and cycling through variables that are close around you (ala Textmate). This is something I use in TM a lot right now and something that has prevented me from making the move over to Coda completely (I do a lot of PHP and JS development). Also, iPad app would be killer!!! :)

Really appreciate you taking the time to tell us what’s coming up. My only hope is Coda 2 is out when our development department switches to Git!

Eric Peacock

10/22/2010 1:39 PM

Thanks for the upcoming Coda 1.7 – I’m enjoying rolling out my sites on the HTML5 Boilerplate framework of late, and it’ll help if Coda groks with the markup.

I’ll be interested to see QTVRs of your space – I’ve been toying with some of this myself to showcase some nifty environmental design work I did on a web page. It seems that the tools to make QTVR movies are lagging far behind the push away from PPC and pre-Cocoa software. Or so I’ve discovered so far.

For me it’s mostly that a standard HTML5 equivalent is needed for panoramic 360 image viewing, one that doesn’t lock to Quicktime. Yup, I can’t assume that all our web visitors are Mac only.

If you have specific requests for our apps, e-mail our support guys!

They’ll file it away. We can’t include everything of course, but we do (psychically) track what’s popular.

I think some Transmit/Dropbox action would be cool, especially if I can mount it as a Transmit Disk, too.

Billee D.

10/22/2010 1:51 PM

Nice to hear about the new Coda updates. The HTML5-specific stuff is much appreciated.

Also, another +1 for a Coda iPad app. That would just rock my world. :)

Chris Barrus

10/22/2010 1:54 PM

The only feature that I’d love to see in Unison is syncing – preferably via MobileMe but any sync implementation would do. Obviously the newsgroup caches are too large to sync, but even something like a pseudo-newsrc file that just denotes what’s read and what isn’t.

Much appreciated Cabel! Thanks for the intel!
And please everyone, no more feature requests for Coda 2.0, but for 2.1! This only causes more delay for the sure-to-be-awesome release.

Collin Allen

10/22/2010 1:56 PM

You guys are the best! Keep up the amazing work! Here’s hoping to see your apps on the Mac App Store in the future.

So that’s why Omni posted a QA job…



Great News!!!! I want a CSSEdit/TextMate killer!!! Please add some sort of webkit inspector or use it already and improve upon it!! Best Regards and congratulations for the great effort!

Jim Kracht

10/22/2010 2:09 PM

Looking forward to Coda 1.7! HTML5 and JavaScript completion updates = exciting!

I want new Coda so damn bad, but am prepared to wait for the perfectly crafted, Panic-approved final version over a rush job.

I really can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming in coda 2.0. I’m really heappy with 1.6, but there is a lot of potential. I would love to see some of the Features of Espresso and some of Textmate, which make these editors unique. Things you mentioned for 1.7 are very welcome. I was in the private beta test for Transmit 4. And you did really great. I would love to be also part of the Coda 2 beta. Go for it. Make this editor unique!

I use Coda over 40 hours a week. Much anticipation for 2.0. +1 for an iPad version.

When can we expect Pantscast 2?

Tom Livingston

10/22/2010 3:53 PM

Thanks for this update. I love Coda and use it everyday. I too can’t wait to see where Coda 2 goes. Worth the wait, I’m sure!

“as the Quicktime VR’s are finally done”

Raaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, at last. You have restored peace and justice to the galaxy.

Anonymous beta tester

10/22/2010 5:43 PM

As a member of the original private beta testing team, I really appreciate the candor regarding Coda 2.0. Will we automatically be included when the 2.0 private beta begins?

Great to hear an update on Coda.
I haven’t purchased it yet because I always have the misfortune of buying things right before they’re updated and then having to pay an upgrade fee on the app/computer I just bought (I just missed the iLife up-to-date program by ONE freaking day).
Knowing that it may be a while makes me feel better about going ahead and buying Coda now.

Some food for thought.

Split panel is only useful in the vertical sense, could Panic pull off a multi display solution, drag me away from my vertical ACD setup?

Diggin’ the beta badge.

Stoked about a new Coda update. I would love to see some integrated database management. I would love to have a button across the top that would open a window that behaves like SequelPro. Then I wouldn’t have to do anything outside of Coda. That would be sweet!!


10/22/2010 11:47 PM

I really love Transmit, but I deeply admire Coda. It has helped me to do the switch from Dreamwxxxer to real html editing. I am looking forward to every new version of Coda, though I am very satisfied with the exising one.
Best regards from Germany,

Finally!!! We use this great tool for all our file-handling / programming work and after using it for almost 2 years every day your discover a dozen things that just could be a little better. And also you discover things that are great in theory, but just terrible in practice (the beautiful but slow site-thumbnail-overview, slow syntax-marking on big files, buggy find and replace, missing something like favorite locations / files). I really hope you guys have learned the same over the past years and the next Coda will be the greatest tool ever created.

Also, don’t be afraid to increase Coda’s price. For us professionals Coda is an essential piece of equipment and I don’t mind paying for a tool I use every day.

Ooow Coda 2, can’t wait!!
Thanks for putting HTML5 and CSS3 support in a free update, it confirms Panic’s awesomity :)

> Also, don’t be afraid to increase Coda’s price.
Eer… Then maybe a student discount could be thought of? Coda 1 (at introductory price) was already quite an investment for me, and even though I have never regretted it, I know that buying the license meant two months without going out in the evening.
Even if I have a little higher income now, the current 75€ ($99 + change fees) are my top limit before I would have to spread the payment over two months. And, even more importantly, it’s quite hard to advert for Panic’s awesome software at school without having other students simply crack it instead of buying it!

Web courses are done with Dreamwaiver, and you can’t know how many students simply hate working for the web because of this piece of…

Mark Ahern

10/23/2010 4:52 AM

I sure do love Transmit. Keep up the good work guys!

awesome news all around!

when i saw transmit i immediately purchased it. its just so sexay.

really looking forward to some update on candybar. with large libraries it shows some high processor loads when viewing larger iconsets, and i really hope you will add a “view in collection” option in the next (hopefully soon) update… getting search results and not knowing what collection a specific icon is in is really troublesome…

Looks good… but… no mention of the Mac App Store? Will you be using it?

hey cabel, I really enjoyed this blog post, it was awesome! I always wonder if you are ever going to create a blog post about panic internal workflow, tools, servers, workstations, what other software do you use, any home-grown tools , etc. (ala

Awesome, can’t wait for the next CODA. One thing I would like is the ability to step through a search and replace as Replace All can be dangerous.

This blog post was a big relief, and in typical Panic style, it was fun to read. For quite some time I’ve been quietly pondering the future of Panic’s Coda, all the while never really knowing what you guys were up to. Thanks for the openness and your step towards increased transparency. I use Coda every day of my life, and while there’s room for improvement, I’m sure Panic’s up to the task. HTML5 and improved CSS(3?) support will be a WELCOME ADDITION in 1.7!!!!! Cheers!

Nice, I would love if it would become more IDE. Please let it have decent support for code completion for languages like PHP, Ruby and the likes :-)

@Greg, there is a wonderful (and good looking) open source MySQL database manager called Sequel PRO:

Jose Duran

10/24/2010 11:26 AM

I use Coda almost all day long, it’s simply the BEST! … can’t wait to see what are you doing to make it better. I Have to say: it will be more time for you to take out Coda for iPad than for all of us (Coda lovers and fans) to buy it! Kudos for your great work!

Ricky Lee

10/24/2010 6:42 PM

Use Coda 40+ hours a week. HTML5 and CSS3 are much appreciated for 1.7.

Feature Request for 2.0: WordPress integration to the PHP autocomplete

Coda for iPad +3 (we are a 3 group small studio) :D

I wish I could sync my Coda snippet library on different computers with Dropbox or MobileMe. And please add “favorites” like the same thing in Transmit 4.

I just have one question about Coda 2.0.

What will be the upgrade cost from Coda 1? I’ve been wanting to buy Coda now for a few months, but as a college student who only does dev part time for a little extra cash (or in some cases, none), I worry at the thought of spending $100 now and then that again in 6 months. Actually, even if the upgrade was only $50, that still would be a considerable extra chunk of change for me.

New idea: listen to one of the guys that posted above me and add a student discount? I loved Coda when I used the demo, but $100 is hard to justify when I have TextMate from MacHeist and have found Cyberduck is free.

I glad to see news from Coda!

Clemens Mol

10/25/2010 3:15 AM

Ah great, Coda 2! I use Coda all day long, it’s fantastic.

So Coda 2 is bringing a Windows version too, right? :-p

Thanks for letting us know what’s up. I’ve been holding off on purchasing a copy of Coda because I didn’t want to buy it and then have you release 2.0 very soon thereafter. Because you’ve been transparent and let us know that it’s still a ways off, I am now able to comfortably purchase your product without fearing of an immediate update. Thanks.

Fantastic news on the Coda front. Although, I must say, my heart sank a little when I read that the direction of Coda has changed (for the better) because no longer can we expect to see something soon.

Catherine Azzarello

10/25/2010 11:37 AM

Love, love, love!!! Cannot wait for the updates. :)

Looking forward to the Coda update, s’gonna be awesome! Long awaited too =)

Coda2 ! I Looove you !!!

Marc Deschamps

10/25/2010 11:52 AM

+1 for mercurial in coda!
I cant’ live without transmit, and work 40hrs a week at least in coda.
Keep up the great work!

Coda 1.7 sounds like just enough to keep me satisfied until 2.0. It addresses many of my issues with code completion. Thanks for the update.

Brian Whalley

10/25/2010 11:56 AM

Glad to see it. Coda update could probably bring me back to my Coda license from TextMate for HTML work. :-)

Please keep updating Unison. I’ve got plenty of ideas on where it could go and I don’t see Usenet going anywhere soon. :)

Thanks for sharing. Always exciting to see what will come from Panic next.

Mikkel Paulson

10/25/2010 11:58 AM

How long before your VR tour appears in somebody’s website/stock art? ;)

I’m super excited to see the new Coda, although as I mentioned on Twitter (yay 3-minute turnaround), I may not be around to see it.

Nathan Manceaux-Panot

10/25/2010 12:13 PM

No, thank _you_. Thank you for the software goodness you’re unleashing onto us, thank you for this constant reminder of why we’re using a Mac. Seriously, you all at Panic are awesome, you shouldn’t be the ones saying thanks.
(and thanks for this update. awaiting Coda 2 eagerly.)

Patrick Bazinet

10/25/2010 12:17 PM

Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to all these goodies!

Calvin Stephens

10/25/2010 12:26 PM

Looking forward to seeing how high you awesome dudes raise the NSCoding bar this time around!!! :)

In Baby v. Bathwater, who performed the Legal representation? My memory escapes me and I’m not so sure the case that made it to the Supreme Court that’s documented on Wikipedia is entirely accurate. :P

I’m a Coda addict and have been in constant contact with the tech support folks (Thanks Tim and Les!). Their responses are reasonably quick, but more importantly they are polite and personal. I appreciate that more than anything. No fluff. They act on what I send in for feedback and requests.

I’m looking forward to Coda 1.7 and 2.0 going forward. You have my support.

mike packard

10/25/2010 12:56 PM

I would love to see a whole blog post about why “140 character tech support is the greatest, most refreshing thing in the world. If you have a company and don’t do it, do it.” I guess I just still don’t get it (twitter).

Twitter is great for 1-to-many, but not 1-to-1 conversations, which is, in my experience, entirely what support is. To me the benefit of having a conversation in public is that others can benefit. But the twitter makes it ultra difficult to benefit, since we see the answer but not the question (often with not even enough context to guess the question.) Without the question or the ability to reliably search, it’s just noise.

I’m also wondering things like: Do you enforce turnaround times? Do you track messages so they don’t get missed? Do you have queues or alerts or an inbox? Is someone on the clock and responsible at all times? How do you ensure that the 2 people are not working on the same question? How can any previous answer be re-used by your support team?

Just curious how you guys make it work. Thanks for the content!

Mark Kawakami

10/25/2010 12:57 PM

Amit’s working with you? Nice!

Jeff Geerling

10/25/2010 12:58 PM

+1 for Coda for iPad. That’s the one killer app for which I might buy a second iPad. I’d drop $30, maybe more (depending on features) in a heartbeat…

+1 on iPad Coda.
+1 more if you can come up with a decent iPhone version, too.

But do concentrate first on Mac Coda, especially performance! Coda occasionally drags on my MacBook Pro with syntax highlighting on.

Not that I won’t be buying a Coda 2 upgrade license, of course.

Sincerely, a paying customer.

Jeff Byrnes

10/25/2010 2:00 PM

Thanks for the update! Definitely keen on Coda 1.7, and Coda 2.0 sounds brilliant.

wow, coda 1.7 with html5 will keep this customer happy… until ’11. panic rules!

Mark: Yes! He’s one scary smart guy. And ‘with’ is the key term — Amit’s not a Panic employee, but the work he’s doing on the next generation of MacFUSE is being used in Transmit 4.


10/25/2010 5:02 PM

Transmit 4 is phenomenal – after a while you forget it’s there: everything seems local.

Another plea/request for Coda on iPad — !!!

This right here …

Now, will there be a Unison 3? It’s hard to say, for two reasons: with a few exceptions, we can’t think of many major features to add

… is why I love Panic.

You guys do realize that any other company would tack on some unnecessary features and make some interface changes for the sake of change, all of which would irreversibly bloat the software and add dozens of bugs? Then they’d charge full price for the “upgrade.”

Tell you what: When you get to the point when you’d have pushed out your next release, set up a payment page, and I’ll pay for Unison 2 *again*. That’s how good your software is.

I can’t wait to see Coda 2! Any chance of adding support for TextMate bundles?

Wow. I saw the headline and thought you were going to be talking about the election!

Oh, and I can’t think of Coda 2 without wetting my pants…

Please panic, i have only two requests here… Make and inside your IDE and your app will be supreme. Oh… and a better SVN/GIT/TRAC integration.

With all my love under the tour effeil


Wow, that’s awesome!
The most waited app is Coda 2.0. And I would love to see better support for Ruby and something like TextMate bundles (that saves 90+% of my time!!!). I’ve emailed already a million of times to panic support offering these and some other features (:
Hope to see some of them in new Coda 2.0.


PS Thank you for becoming more transparent.

Luke Jones

10/26/2010 2:55 AM

Totally can’t wait for the next version of Coda :-).

“My” Coda 2.0:
– ability to be logged in more than one server (makes sense with split window view, no?),
– option to automatically refresh a browser app in background that displays/contains my currently edited file in Coda – less clicking…,
– Save All – with a shortcut, obviously,
– split view (option) for local and remote directories so I don’t have to use Finder for dropping files.
Thank you!

Antonio Pedrazzini

10/26/2010 4:40 AM

Thanks for the update. I’d love to leave NetBeans behind and go back to Coda – 2.0 that is !!!
Transmit 4 is one of my best companions every day.

-1 for ipad coda
+1 for browser based coda

“coding in the cloud”
i’d love coda to beat mozilla to the cloud

Thank you for the update.

Fully 12% of comments (so far) advocate Coda for iPad. That has to mean something, right?! :)

And honestly, somebody mentioned Coda for Windows, tongue in cheek I’m sure. But for those of us with Windows day jobs, that would be pretty awesome. We know that’s not going to happen, so what about that web-based Coda somebody else mentioned?

Love the work, guys, keep it up. Will buy 2.0. Will buy Coda for iPad. Rock on.

Thanks for the TL;DR summary :-)

John Booty

10/26/2010 11:46 AM

Thank you for posting this. The Coda update makes a big difference to me, today, because I’m constantly deciding between TextMate and Coda when it comes to learning their ins and outs and creating new snippets/clips/syntax modes, etc.

Knowing that Coda’s future is just that much more concrete, even though this update didn’t contain a ton of information, helps me decide.

One crucial bit of information (for me) is whether or not Coda 2 will support Textmate snippets. Since they are something of a (minor) industry standard at this point, that would be fantastic news.

And thanks for keeping the spirit of the Beagle Bros alive!

Thank you for the update. Transmit 4 is fantastic and I’m excited to see what Coda 2 will include.

+1 for smart PHP code completion/navigation and I’d love to see support for SVN branch merging/switching. I get that it probably isn’t as popular a request as Coda for iPad but right now Netbeans is the best (only?) IDE out there that supports this and I’d gladly switch back if you could work it.

Keep up the great work!

Ditto on all the comments for Coda – Love this software – I use it at least 35-50 hours a week… Would LOVE to see an iPad version… thanks guys!!

Jesper Andersson

10/26/2010 7:04 PM

Please update the UI of Coda, the UI update from Transmit v3 to v4 was really awesome, i would really like to see something similar with Coda.

Also, please dont forget the ability to sort and group your sites in Coda, with 40-50 active clients it gets a little messy.

@Alex “Save All – with a shortcut, obviously”

It’s there and it’s great – cmd+alt+s

Can we get a sneak peek of Coda before the beta? Some grainy screenshots perhaps? We’re drowning in a puddle of our own drool!

I’m glad to finally hear great stuff about Coda. I felt it was lost in the wilderness or something.

Is this going to be a free upgrade to 2.0? I’ve been using Coda since 1.1 or 1.2, and I’ve not touched anything else since. I love the simplicity, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2.0!

(P.S. Collapsible code blocks PLEASE!)

Oliver Hutz

10/28/2010 1:03 AM

Thank you for this clear update. Keep on rockin’, Oliver (daily Coda-User)

Well, Coda 2.0 is something that we are waiting for a while now, and i’m sure it will rocks :).
Just a side note about previous comments on Ipad: guys, are you really serious about that, i mean, writting code /shell and manage complex sites with an Ipad? i think i miss something…

No!!!! Don’t update Statoo!!! It’s one of the only two apps you’ve got left that (in it’s latest version) still works with 10.4!

Gavin Sim

11/3/2010 4:42 AM

Looking forward to Coda 1.7 and even more so for version 2.0 and all it brings! Keep the great work up guys!

Ben Dunkle

11/4/2010 3:26 PM

Good to hear about Coda development.

right now coda is too much of a compromise for heavy coding.

coda 2 with a strong focus on improving the editor?
… pretty much bought on release.

I love Coda. Stoked on HTML5!

Claudio del Conde

11/8/2010 12:32 PM

Some future feature ideas:
– Favorites pane. A quick way to access both local and remote files.
– Code Folding
– Related files (detect included or referenced files)

Great work!

Klaus Styler

11/9/2010 9:22 AM

Really hope for multi-language support, especially a german version of Coda.

Very good job guys. I hope the new version will at least include a code formatter. After that, I won’t have any need to use something else :)

Cas Wolters

11/11/2010 7:46 AM

A nice thing for Coda 2.0: Better code-completion with php.
The current version gives you the parameters you can use, but puts them as text in the editor. How cool would it be the parameters are not there as text but as a hint/tooltip above the function you are using. Now i still keep on my other screen to lookup the parameter defenitions of a function.

In the meantime can we have a ‘folders on top’ option in the file list? That would be nice :D

About CandyBar 4
It would be greatly excellent to add the feature of “Cover Flow” view.
Hybrid import, maintaining folder depths, much like Apple Aperture import,
where folder icons would be treated like icons that would appear in an Album within a directory/folder, of course as well as layered .tif.; png .icontainer; .icn; .icns etc. etc.
Love your work

@Cas Wolters,

That and you could cycle between parameters using tab would be amazing. It’d be great if you could do something like this: start typing str_replace and you’d see

str_replace(mixed search, mixed replace, mixed subject [, int &count])

Tabbing would allow you to modify each element separately ala TextMate snippet tab stops.

Just an idea!

+1 on what Aaron and Cas said. I can’t count the number of times I tried messed up the order of PHP parameters (that that’s because PHP is inconsistent in that order is besides the point).

Also; Coda for iPad! Please!

I love Coda for its file management/Subversion/FTP. I am not a big fan of the actual editor, though. What I would like to see:

Autocomplete across a project. For example, the autocomplete suggestion would include functions in other files within the project. And if there was a way to show information about the function (ideally its PHPDoc information) like what parameters it expects, that would be awesome. A way to click on a function name to bring you to the actual function code would also be great.

I agree that having tab stops for the parameters in a function would be nice. Having tab stops in Clips would also be great.

Autocomplete within the same document like Textmate does would be wonderful. I find this to be a great time-saver. I also like how Textmate closes and indents brackets and sets you ready to continue on the next line.

Showing PHP parse errors is also a nice time saver.

Oh, and having a way to do file commits/uploads/downloads from the editor, without having to switch to the mouse and go to the file list would be wonderful.

Thanks for the transparency.

Please, Coda is awesome but give it just a pinch of IDE love. I’m confident you guys are pretty much the only ones on planet earth which could do so without bloating it :-)

Kindest regards,


I’ve tried Coda twice in the past few years. But, it unfortunately had too many limitations and some strange interface implementations that made it more difficult to use than BBEdit, which I’ve used for years. It was also missing some key features that BBEdit has and that I can’t live without. I can recall that the multi-file search-and-replace was quite kludgy in Coda and working with a lot of open files was a hassle because of the horizontal tab bar. Try a fly-open drawer like BBEdit instead, much better when you have 2 dozen or more files open for editing. There were a bunch of other things which I did post in the newsgroup at the time.

I loved the overall concept of Coda, though, and keep hoping you’ll blow BBEdit’s feature-set out of the water. If you do with Coda 2, I’ll ditch BBEdit and start using Coda in a heartbeat!

I’m also a longtime Transmit user and thought the 4.0 update was awesome! Can I just say a huge THANK YOU for the “Link Folder Navigation” feature!! I had requested a feature like that a few times over the years and was so happy to see it in 4.0. It’s a huge time-saver!

+1000 Coda for iPad. It’s the ONLY app that’s holding me back from completely dropping my laptop and going truly mobile.

Love Coda! Stoked for 2.0!

+1 for iPad app! Would love to be able to handle quick updates without needing a laptop. I know it can’t be as robust, but I’m confident you guys would release a useful app.
+1 for directories on top
+1 for php improvements
+1 for refreshing browser app in the background, or the ability to resubmit forms from within coda preview pane

Lots of praise, but remember to release Coda for iPad real soon cause we need it – Do not let us get too used to Gusto lest we forget Coda!! I now only travel with my iPad and I am able to continue working with iSSH and Gusto, I wish I had Coda on the road. Dropbox integration will also bring tears to my eyes…. So to the chorus:

I’ve been using Coda with Death-Cult-like devotion full-time at work and home for 3.5 years – mainly Ruby and Rails development. [I use TextMate too for more quick, small edits, on-the-fly.] Coda is just the right approach in an [dare I use the term] IDE – lean, fast, and out of my way. The most usable, and highest performing, Search and Replace functions I’ve ever seen. One-click publishing 0wnz. It goes without saying, but please stay that course of leanness and agility.

Coda is great software.

Feature I’d like to see:

Ruby and Rails support needs to tighten up, of course, for Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3. I’m sure that’s in the plans.

More syntaxes. Markdown formats like Markdown and Textile would make me kiss Panic on the lips. Also, all the new Ruby hotness that has taken off: SASS, SCSS, YAML, Rake, HAML, and Rackup files just off the top of my head. It takes 3.8 minutes off my life every time I double-click a Rake task, or HAML template, and it’s entirely monotonic, while I have to tediously and laboriously [ ;-) ] set the Syntax Mode to “Ruby”. It’d be nice if there was a way to fix that manually. Perhaps the simplest step toward that, I imagine, is a “remember what Mode I last set” automatic feature, whether that is each individual file or globally [if I do it manually enough times]. Maybe the next step is, in Preferences, some extra file extensions I can enter for each Syntax Mode. For example, Ruby may have .rb, .rake, .haml, and .ru, .sass, which are all pure-Ruby Domain-Specific Languages, so can be highlighted with the Ruby Syntax Mode. Oh, and Gemfile – another one that is pure Ruby that comes up unhighlit.

Git-integration is essential. Git is remarkable source-control, and is being adopted at an alarming rate.

This might be radical thinking, but is the CSS builder really necessary? Aren’t we all hand-coders now? Haven’t we all memorized the CSS 1, 2, and 3 specs by now? ;-) Partially kidding, but honestly this is a feature I never touch. CSS editors are almost always a few years behind the specs and browser support. Removing features IS a feature. :-)

Maybe Themes or “Syntax Presets” feature, with some hip dark/black-background. I realize I can create my own, and I do, but it would nice if there were a couple earthy, warm, tasteful, energy-efficient ones out of the box – a la the popular Sunburst and Twilight in Textmate.

You are lucky buggers to snag that Mr. Greg Maletic. He’s one crazy-smart guy, and a helluva upstanding gentleman to boot. I’m a huge fan of both of ya, so kudos (and curses!) for taking him off the market. I look forward to awesome stuff from the Panic+Greg equation!

Please make Coda better for PHP development. Autocomplete, codesense and the ability to open large files without taking down the whole system would be nice. (Ever tried to open a large xml-file in a editor on the mac? Komodo, Coda, Textmate, JEdit or anything else? Good luck with that).


Just came back to Coda after a long time with textmate. Would love mode upgrades for PHP5. Native GIT support would be cool. Thanks for all the hard work. Keep it coming!!!

Dr. Stein

12/11/2010 6:33 AM

I use Unison nearly every single day. Yes, I’m one of the many people that participates in discussions on Usenet frequently. Unison is awesome and makes my life a happy place. I’m glad that it exists. :D

Code folding pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Hallo, I really appreciate the use of Coda for casual html tweaking, but I still use iWeb for maintaining my home page. For a simple reason: I can draw a page like with a vector drawing without taking care of the code. After the last iLife update I fear that Apple will drop iWeb so I am dreaming of Coda2 Pro which lets me do all the beautiful things it does now, plus a page designer like that of iWeb (and maybe with the static blog feature also available in iWeb). This is a request not from a power web coder like many of your customers, but from a professional who needs to do occasionally “web things” but fast and good.
Thank you for your efforts and I hope you will think a little to my personal request.

Have loved the Little Truck That Can ever since 1.0 (found you guys from Audion originally). Thanks for all your hard work in making Transmit and the rest as stable, snappy and genuinely cool.

Have a great holiday season.

+1 for iPad Coda!
After seducing me away from DWeaver, I’m really excited about Coda 2.0!!!
+1 for php dev and hope for GIT implementation too!


Chad Keck

12/13/2010 5:56 PM

Can’t wait to get hands on once the Rackspace Cloud Files support is built in. Would love to transition fully from CyberDuck (as someone else mentioned above)!


12/14/2010 3:40 PM

can’t wait for coda 2.0! I really expect something awesome and new!
Then Coda for iPad would be great to, still looking for a nice way to change easy basic stuff on the iPad in simple clean and nice way to look at!

Yet another +1 for iPad Coda. Really looking forward to Coda 2. Also, waiting for them XL shirts to arrive. You guys rock… keep it up.

Here is a competitor (css only) with a neat approach to preview live changes. You may want to have a look for the much anticipated Coda 2

I would love to see a Coda IDE. There aren’t any good native cocoa IDE’s specifically tailored towards web development. I find myself switching between coda and java based IDE’s constantly along with dreamweaver for specific features not in Coda. Automated code completion and project creation for MVC frameworks (Zend, Symfony 2, Rails, Django), real debugging and obviously Git support ( Coda also needs code folding (even subethaedit has it!). CSS and database support could be better supported! Look to integrate CSS Edit and Sequel Pro

Matthias Krok

12/30/2010 3:27 AM

1. code folding
2. code folding
3. make key indent selection instead of overwrite
4. an option to show currently open files like Espresso (separate list instead of tabs)

as not everone might like the last one, it should be optional – to be enabled in preferences. But the way Espresso shows the list of open files was the main reason why I really TRIED to switch to Espresso. But I gues, it’s wasted effort when Coda 2 might include all the goodies we all are craving for ;-)

Windell Oskay

12/31/2010 1:47 PM

I would *really love* to have S3 support within Coda; we’ve recently moved much of our javascript and css there, and it makes me sad that I can no longer use Coda to edit the files right on our site.

Dean Moses

1/23/2011 2:43 AM

I’d like to second the request for supporting Mercurial revision control! Mercurial and Git are steadily replacing SVN and it just makes sense that such a forward-thinking product would support the forward-thinking source control systems.

To add to my previous suggestions for Coda:
– Recent remote files – why only local?
– Autoreload of remote directories (option)

+1 for directories on top
+1 for mobile Coda

Looking forward to coda 2.0.

I’d like to see an integrated bug tracker to rival netbeans using xdebug. Then i wouldn’t have to leave my coda/soma home.

I don’t get the ipad thing, maybe for on the go tweaking, but for a serious work-machine i can’t see how it would be useful. Would prefer to see better use of multi screen implementation. At the moment you can only open one project per viewable window and have to manually open a project for another screen, so no ftp settings. Would be good there was the option to open more than one window per project.

Also will there be anyway to import/export or directly share ftp settings between coda and transmit?

anyways, thankyou panic.

Will we ever see “folders on top” as an option?

Humm any word on the “private beta” of Coda?

Code-formatting (auto format) shouldn’t be too difficult to implement… wonder why it’s still missing…

+1 for “4. an option to show currently open files like Espresso (separate list instead of tabs)”

Coda 2.0: Would love to see:

– possibility to configure FTP/SFTP/FTPS server for both remote site and local site.
– PHP/other: sorting of functions in the Code Navigator
– PHP/other: auto-completion/syntax advice for custom functions (perhaps, taken from currently loaded editor files)
– PHP/other: possibility to always have current function name visible in the Code Navigator
– PHP/other: keep highlighting matching brackets (not just flashing for less than a second) – check TextWrangler for this; it even detects matching brackets with SQL statements within PHP code
– a preference to skip setting permissions/ownership for new files (let the SFTP/FTP/FTPS server handle it when it is possible – proftpd has this feature – no need for additional CHOWN/CHGRP operations)

Transmit fixes:

– refreshing fixes for folders mounted using TransmitDisk (chopping a few lines from files updated by someone else on the mounted disk when opened locally)
– Link Folder Navigation fix: currently only works when you open the site in the left pane first, and then in the right pane. Try to connect in the right pane first and Link Folder Navigation will not work

I hope this isn’t much to ask, is it? I am sure everyone will be grateful!


Andre Dublin

3/25/2011 6:44 PM

For Coda 2.0 I would love to see:
– Code collapse/folding: Take a chuck of code between tags or within large function for example and collapse it.

I’ve seen this in Visual Studio and it was awesome. I find myself writing Javascript and sometimes I’m not able to tell where the function ends with a bunch of extra brackets.

That is all, love the software!

Coda@2.0, please include debug (xdebug?) support.

Cesar Estrada

4/13/2011 8:09 PM

Almost 6 months later and still no news about Coda 2.

I just hope that the update will be worth the looooooooooooooong wait!!!

As most everybody here, I also use Coda all day, every day. I can’t wait for the new features.

You guys know how to make apps! & design!

I love coda! It’s one of the best developing apps I have used but let’s face it the app the several years old now and is stating the feel a little dated with lack of features. It’s interesting that panic gets held to such a high standard of development when comparing that to someone like adobe or activestate. I would take a guest and say no one here has ever emailed the latter companies. That said one can’t wait and wait and wait for the long awaited coda 2.

The main features I would like to see in the next version ia as follows
Code folding (panic has confirmed that this will be in v2)
Code formatting
Code tabs to spaces configuration (referring to indentation)
CSS frame work integration like LESS or SASS
Inline styles autocompletion
Better git integration
Debug integration (xdebug)
Multiple monitor support
Code comparison viewer

I know this is a big list but I feel that any modern development app should have the majority of these features. I know that coda is not a complete ide but in my opinion that is where it should be heading.

It saddens me that I am now in the position of having to make the hard choice of either wait for coda 2 which is completely unknown or move the a ide like Komodo.

I know I should a little negative but at this stage but coda is stil my app of choice but it getting tiresome for having to jump between to many different apps to get a result, in having to do this it’s counter productive.

I know Panic follows Apples module of not discussing further apps and features but even with Apple there are always leaks (controlled or not) so I guess this a final cry to the Panic gods when can we expect Coda 2?

Mat Pinheiro

5/1/2011 10:38 PM

I can barely wait to the new Coda version. Coda changed my life. Coda 2 will change it again, i’m sure.

Cheers from Brazil

Just like everybody here I love Coda and cant wait. I’m wondering though…I just got a new job and am forced to use a company provided windows pc. Is it a sin to wish there were a pc version of coda?

Panic Folks, thanks a million for all your hard work. You make my life a lot easier! :-)


For Coda 2.0 I would love to see 2 things:
Mercurial support – vital
Code folding – dear Lord please

Keep up the awesome work guys! We all love the Panic team :)

+1 Mercurial support!!! Please!

I couldn’t get anything done without Coda. OK that’s a lie but you deserve it because you are awesome and the things that you do are awesome. That said:

1) Would love to be able to hide the sidebar. This is useful when I need to split my screen two ways, especially while previewing and editing side by side.

2) Would love to split the display between two documents, particularly my preview of the php or html file and source of the external css.

3) On the autocomplete tip: would carve a monument to your excellence were you to support completion of library functions (not in all cases, maybe in preferences?) so that I can stay in the same window and deal with jQuery.

I ask these things with love in my heart because you’ve already made the web development IDE the world needed. You are great; never change.

Code folding please!!!

I totally love coda, and my 17 year old son loves it too! Y’all rock. Waiting anxiously for Coda 2.0.

Brad Dielman

9/21/2011 9:12 PM

Eleven months since this state of the union. Any updates? With Lion out I’m really looking forward to some of the new features making their way into Coda, especially support for full screen mode.

I’m dying here. I love coda and refuse to switch to textmate. PLEASE get me some code folding sooooon! Since I switched from PHP to Ruby and MacRuby, i really need it.

What about a ‘victory’ button? To announce your hard earned triumphs to the rest of the office.

A year on and still nothing on an update that was already long in the waiting.

Hoping the next state of the union sheds some light on how things have progressed with Coda2 in the last year, hope you guys spring a surprise on us! Keep up the great work.

Gabriel R.

10/20/2011 9:06 AM

Almost one year. Fingers crossed for another Panic SotU address and a solid date for Coda 2.

A whole year has passed since this awesome blog post and no sign of Coda 2 yet, can’t wait to see what you guys have been cooking up!

I’ve been watching tutorials on web design and reading reviews on Coda, but I’m waiting on Coda 2.0 before I purchase anything. I wonder how many people are holding off on buying Coda like I am.

Very excited to hear that 2.0 is finally in the sites for a good push!
I’m sure you guys have tons of feature requests from blogs and groups, i.e. code folding etc., but I just want to mention it would be great to have check-in/check-out features for multi-user environments, and in particular, an option to do so in a Dreamweaver compatible mode (to facilitate migration to Coda from DW). Even without being in a DW group, it’s so easy to have file-open conflicts and anything you can do to address this would be awesome.
Also, despite all the advantages of SVN, I found the SVN workflow to be awkward to the point where I just avoided using it after all. Please take a look at reworking this!

I’m very excited for Coda 2.0 and will wait with anticipation.. I promise not to Panic!

Feature requests:
• Preference checkbox (maybe per-site as well?) for ‘Publish to Remote on Save’. Quick toggling of that would be good, every now and then we all work straight on the Live Server.
• Having a dedicated ‘Testing Server’ section in the Site config in addition to Remote (Dreamweaver has this I believe). Because we all have a testing server.

My wish for Coda 2 can be summed up as “Got Git?”

Dale Sande

11/18/2011 11:04 AM

Coda already supports Git .. called the command line? I am hoping for more language support like SASS/SCSS Ruby and Rails.

The Web Mentor

5/11/2012 10:49 AM

I am dying for SASS syntax highlighting (LESS would be awesome too btw).

When are you guys going to release it??

And also, what is the release date on this?

Pietro Paolo

5/17/2012 11:28 PM

jQuery syntax support, also!

John Stirzaker

6/21/2012 6:59 AM

I would also like to throw out a feature request for Coda 2: Mercurial support.

Any official word on Mercurial support?

+1 for Mercurial support.

Dr. Chris

2/27/2013 10:37 AM

+1 Support for Mercurial SCM

Mercurial support please!

Kristaps Horns

6/13/2013 5:47 AM

I do not understand why in 3 years you have not kept up with your promises regards Rackspace Cloud files support.

+1 for Rackspace Cloud files support.

+1 for Rackspace Cloud Files!

+1 for Mercurial support!

Shelby DeNike

9/26/2013 3:15 PM

+1 for Rackspace Cloud files support.

+1 for Mercurial support.


11/2/2013 8:06 AM

Mercurial please!

mercurial support please

I recommend free MySQL-manager for OSX – Valentina Studio, check it out if you haven’t tried it yet: