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Introducing Status Board. Beautiful data for all.

Quite some time ago, we made a cool Status Board for the Panic office.

We were immediately taken by how awesome and important data becomes when it’s displayed in a beautiful layout in a prominent way. To glance up and see how the support inboxes were looking was priceless. It became the closest thing we had to a water cooler (second to our weird snack wall). It’s our focal point.

We thought: everybody deserves this kind of beautiful data.

So we got to work and made an iPad app. We built easy-to-use panels for anybody, to quickly see tweet counts, mailbox counts, news feeds, weather, and more. We built pro panels to display graphs and tables that can be fed with simple data feeds and be used to display virtually anything imaginable. We made it incredibly easy to set up. We made it look good sitting on your desk while you work. And (as an extra in-app purchase for professionals) we even added TV Out so you can throw this data up on your wall on a giant dedicated screen, for real.

Introducing Status Board. A brand new iPad app from Panic for displaying your data.


But this is just the beginning: our 1.0. Tell us what panels you’d like to see added. Tell us how you use it, or you’d like to use it. Let us know if you find any bugs by e-mailing us. We’ll be listening and working like crazy as always.

(Thanks to Greg, Neven, Dave, Kenichi, James, and the whole Panic crew for their excellent work on this.)

And stay tuned for a blog post about our new internal Panic Status Board on the office wall — which is now using, of course, this new app. It’s twice as amazing.

PS: Remember how we got obsessed with the poor video quality of the Lightning AV Adapter? Now you know why!


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Why no Android version? It’s the most popular mobile OS in the world.

Not among people that pay for apps, unfortunately, much less in the U.S. Also, Panic has always been 100% Apple and I imagine they like it that way.

Multiple staus boards would be good. One for home, one for work, say.

Whatever are Terces and Anaheim applications? Love whatever you guys are working on!

Bill Labus

4/10/2013 2:30 PM

This is so awesome. Any secrets as to how you got around Apple’s App Store restrictions on ‘widget’-based apps? (“Apps that create alternate desktop/home screen environments or simulate multi-App widget experiences will be rejected”)

That’s seems very nice.
But why a iPad-only version ?
Why not a iPhone, OSX version ? At work, it seems more useful. All people at Panic have an iPad ?
How do you use it ?

This is really fantastic, thank you. Any plans for the ability to create multiple statusboards?

Looks great, have you considered creating a browser version of it?
From what I can see, in order to use this as an office display board, you’d have to permanently connect an iPad to your TV(s)?

+1 For multiple status boards.

I agree: multiple status boards sound like a good idea in case you use the app for different data depending on your location/work place. Anyway, great job Panic!

Stefan Pauwels

4/11/2013 1:03 AM

This is really cool! I would love to see an appfigures integration.

+1 for an OSX version ! I want that on my second screen…

Nate Legaspi

4/11/2013 2:08 AM

Would love to see an iCloud integration so I can use my old iPad to show my board without having to replicate all the setup that I made with my current iPad. Also multiple boards would be nice for work and home.

I already had fun creating a JSON graph from your tutorial.


4/11/2013 3:01 AM

Love the app, but I’m really quite annoyed that TV out is a $10 in app purchase, something that’s not mentioned anywhere until you actually shell out your first $10 to download it. This seems like such a scammy thing to do, and I didn’t expect Panic to be employing such tactics.

A MacOS X version would be much more attractive for me, so I could run it on a second monitor. I have an HDTV hooked up behind me that would be perfect for this app.

Looks beautiful…I’m sure you guys worked really hard! Keep up the good work!

Nollind Whachell

4/11/2013 7:41 AM

Nate, while in configuration mode, there is a share arrow on the right hand side that lets you send your configuration to another user or iPad via email.

Jonny, they did indicate on their website and in the iOS store details that it was an In-App Purchase but they didn’t indicate the exact price.

Would love to see widgets for Google Analytics, Delivery Status, and Reminders/Simplenote.

Albert Kinng

4/11/2013 8:55 AM

I think is a little expensive (including the fee for Airplay) It is beautiful and useful but is not a tool for other use than look at it. Low the price or make a free limited version if you want this app to be on every iPad out there.

Mike Turner

4/11/2013 9:17 AM

An awesome app from Panic, I love it already. It would be great to see a browser version, so that we don’t need to have an iPad connected up to the TV all the time.

+1 for Google Analytic’s Integration

Guys, your footer says “© 2011 PANIC INC.”

i havent downloaded this yet but i would imagine google analytics monitoring would an obvious adition…

Matt Kenyon

4/11/2013 11:32 AM

Dropbox: Available Space, New Files, Recently Changed.
Web Server/Coda: New Uploads, Server Space, Bandwidth?
Local Server: Storage Space?
iTunes/Spotify: Currently Playing!

Countdown to a date, task, deadline, event etc!

Sorry, I don’t ask for much. Seriously though – been throwing some html/php at it today and it’s very addictive!

Multiple status boards, or at the very least save/restore multiple board layouts. Also, I knew the TV out was an IAP going into it, but I feel that for the price, on top of the app price already, it’s a bit much. Also would love an OSX version to run on an additional monitor (or multiple monitors w/different data).

Like your car2go widget :) Makes a lot of sense on a big status screen …

This is great! I have been checking this blog every once in a while since you initially showed your in house status board a couple years ago. I would love it if I could integrate items from remedyforce(part of salesforce) such as opened tickets. Once I can do that, this will be displayed to each one of my groups at each facility.

Since the first blog post about it years ago, I’ve dreamed of building something like this. Mostly, this would serve as a centralized communication tool for my household. I imagined displaying Today’s Events so my wife, I, and the kids can easily stay informed on what’s up. I imagined some minimal integration of social media, e.g., latest tweets from us or better yet from a handful of tweeters we value. A fact of the day as a jumping-off point for discussion.

I can’t wait to take a closer look at this. My plans to learn enough Python and JSON and what-have-you to build my own version have not materialized. The closest thing I can currently expect to build would be a series of conky configurations that pull all this in, but conky isn’t built for complex UIs. And I’m not sure how I’d get it to rotate through different display sets. This is the main reason I was going to get a Raspberry Pi.

All of this is to say I continue to be impressed by your philosophical focus. I say this from the outside, truth be told. I don’t run OS X myself and so don’t own any Panic apps (though I keep being tempted by Prompt). What’s the simplest way to have this persistently displayed on an HD display? Just have a dedicated iPad pushing over HDMI? I don’t mean to detract at all when I say this seems well-positioned to run on a Mac Mini mounted with that HD display.


Chris Patterson

4/12/2013 1:35 PM

Hey Status Board fans!

Until Panic puts together their own registry of data sources, (or at least updates the Sources page), please feel free to check out my own page I slapped together:


This is a very cool piece of software and I can’t wait to see what it can do for our newsroom in displaying daily assignments.

My only wishes would be the ability to drive an additional HDTV monitor and perhaps a simple mac/windows widget which could be used to update/input basic data for the status board instead of having to use excel…

Even Holthe

4/15/2013 10:44 AM

It would be extremely nice to have to possible to stream to my Apple TV over AirPlay on my 1st gen. iPad. That means without AirPlay Mirroring :)

Me too on the iPhone version. I don’t want to tie up my only iPad to drive a wall screen.

Else the bits to run it on a small embedded system (much like your current office deployment)

Otherwise looks great and really appreciate the extra work in reverse engineering the lightning connector issue.

+1 on the OS X version, I have no problem using either an old mac mini or using the 2nd monitor output for this … a bit harder to dedicate an iPad for it.

Allen Robel

4/20/2013 11:44 PM

+1 for multiple boards, but I’d want to see this implemented as Profiles (e.g. Work/Home/Commute/Location-based/etc) with multiple boards per profile that you swipe left/right to access (standard iOS dots at the bottom of the screen to indicate how many boards are available in the current profile).

But, as is, this is awesome. But, hey, it’s Panic, so no surprise there :-)

I loved it when you guys first showed the original status board. The app is very cool, but I don’t get it quite honestly. It seems almost useless as an iPad app. If a business wants to run this for some kind of department, they have to purchase an iPad, and then dedicate that iPad to only running this app. Why not release an actual program that can be slapped on a web server or spare machine to run this board? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense like this.

being able to have more than one statusboard and to be able to swipe between them would be very very helpful. there is not enough room on the current board to display all the data we need to have displayed :)

If an Android version is planned, it’d be awesome if you set up somewhere we could leave an email address to be notified when it comes out.

Any update on a salesforce integration?

+1 For multiple status boards!

+ 1 for Multiple Boards, but with the ability for them to rotate every few minutes, so I could have general Stats on 1 board, Web Pages monitored on another, Servers on another, all hooked up to the TV’s in the office

Android version badly needed.

david r.

8/9/2013 1:31 PM

+1 for google analytics integration, especially with a new google realtime reporting API in beta.

it’s a small thing, but it would be nice to have a twitter birdie on the status board widget and possibly even a facebook like widgetfor fb tracking

lastly, the ability to define one of your 10 standard colors to rows/columns in csv files

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