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December 7th, 2016

We’re happy to announce the release of Coda to 2.6, which fixes a few bugs…

…and adds support for the swanky Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro!

Coda’s Touch Bar support focused on the Editor/Preview, Files, and Sites views. Here are a few things you can do super easily on the Touch Bar, without having to take your fingers off the keyboard or move a pointer:

  • Instantly switch between Editor and Preview
  • Indent/outdent/comment lines
  • Jump to a line
  • Insert hex colors using a color picker (on the bar!)
  • Create sites
  • Switch between file browser views
  • Create new files and folders
  • Open the Web Inspector
  • More!

We hope that you enjoy this nice new thing.

You can download Coda 2.6 here. (If you already have it, just auto-update.)

And if you haven’t bought it yet, buy it right here — try using Apple Pay!

Once you’ve given it a try, please let us know what features you’d like us to add to the Touch Bar in Coda!

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Madison Spry

12/8/2016 4:17 AM

Love the colour picker, should of been on the default touch bar layout while editing files, its a very nice hidden gem however it only does HEX (i.e. doesn’t do RGBA when I highlight rgba CSS or support transparency).

It would also be nice if when you select a colour based CSS option if the touch bar went to the colour picker automatically without needing to select it from the content menu or the touch bar button. I would also add a timer before adding the selected colour to the clipboard (or add to clipboard when the finger is lifted off the bar) as if I want to undo a change made on the touch bar I have to hold CMD+Z for a long time to get back to the colour I had previously or lose it entirely if I’ve made a lot of changes.

I love the work you guys do and look forward to every update! Thanks for making Coda even better :)

Love Coda!!
With this last update I’m getting image duplication when scrolling. So if i have a ul element with lots of items it shows a version that did scroll and one that didn’t. Then updates the ghost image after sometimes. Very strange. Doesn’t happen when testing in browsers.

Gordon Werner

12/8/2016 1:08 PM

please tell me that there will be a “publish” button

Barry Manilow

12/8/2016 3:01 PM

Thank you, but I don’t need no stinkin’ touchbar support. I want to be able to adjust line spacing in the editor!!!

The best keeps getting better. Thanks!

Ben Nowacky

12/12/2016 8:29 AM

Cabel, while this update is awesome and super helpful for those of us that have upgraded to the fancy world of OLED, There’s a concern with the lack of substantial updates being done to Coda. I’m a long-time panic and Coda fan, but it’s been drifting to a inferior solution when compared to many IDE’s on the market in the last 2 years.

With other product lines fading off (farewell status board… sniffle… your use was never realized by many, but we always have had a special bond), I’m hoping that signals a focus on the core Panic products, namely Coda. While you can’t share any timelines, features or anything for obvious reasons, can you give the Coda lover community a small “hang in there” pep talk to encourage us to not be swayed by the beauty of other products?

This is definitely a *nice* feature to Coda.

But I agree with Ben Nowacky. We need more *need to have* features.
I have already started trying out new editors.

For crying out loud, update Transmit desktop app with Panic Sync.

Nice update and always interested to see what developers are doing with the Touch Bar. One thing I’m wondering is if we’ll ever see an option to remove the space after : when writing CSS.

I love coda editor and transmit. But if I look at Jetbrains’s editors like PhpStorm or WebStorm or at Atom editor, so there are so many very big changes and a lot of wonderful features. In comparison with other new and modern editors Coda look likes a halfdead cat. The only thing why I still look in Coda’s direction is not a company behind the editor (Panic was earlier much more better ), it’s a native osx expirience. Maybe you can tell us when coda 3 with completely rebuilt Interface and Features (Git, Sass, Less, NodeJS, AngularJS, React, DB Manager, Terminal, PHP with deep IntelliSence …) will be released?? If there no plans for Coda 3, so please make a statement. The users will focus on other editors without waiting for years and hope that Coda makes something new.

Add publish button to touchbar pls

A publish button would be nice. :)

Eric Jacobsen

1/1/2017 1:32 PM

Publish sounds good, I’d like to see a button that swaps between the Local and Remote file lists as well.

Also I would love a Tab manager similar to the one in Safari for swiping between open tabs — except that it would use filenames or favicons (when available) instead of screenshots. (I wish Safari did this as well, those screenshots are pretty useless)

When is an update for Transmit Desktop? It’s been more than a year now?

Michael, Peter,

Here is a reply I got back in June when I wrote to the Panic team asking about Coda 3:

“Aaron Bell (Panic)
Jun 2, 10:08 AM MST

Hi Dian,

Right now we’re working towards wrapping up a new major version of Transmit that should be available later this year.

After Transmit 5 ships we’ll be focusing our attention back towards a new major version of Coda as well. I can’t speculate on how pricing will look but I’ll be sure to share you request to offer upgrade pricing with the rest of our team.

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!

Hope that answers your questions guys!

As someone that uses coda on ios, I was looking here for information on coda so I could also use it on my mac. But this thread really concerns me. No response from Panic to the questions posted here. I am not going to pull the trigger on $99 with such an uncertain future.

Ben Nowacky

1/24/2017 4:02 PM

@John, don’t let the lack of response dissuade you from a purchase. I don’t normally see the Panic fold reply in the blog. Coda is a great IDEO, and I still haven’t found one that I like as an alternative after trying brackets, Atom, Sublime and a bunch of others . I would whole-heartedly recommend Coda, but there’s a 14 day free-trial that you can test out so you’re not taking my word for it.

With that said, I’m just an over-zealous Coda fan. I’ve been using it since it’s original release along with many other Panic products. I see the advances that some of these other IDE’s have been making (love multiple cursors in Sublime, and the rich extension eco-system of atom/brackets…), there’s a tinge of jealousy. There’s been a bit of a gap in major releases in Coda, and I’m hoping to get back onto a better release cycle going forward. Again, in their defense, Panic has been neck-deep in other endeavors lately, and attentions have been diverted a bit.

Hoping to see / hear some updates soon though on Coda. It’s definitely my favorite Panic product, and looking forward to it’s next stellar release!

Any update on the status of Transmit 5? It has been in exceptionally long time since Transmit has had any improvements.

Thank you for the vote of confidence @Ben.

I do know that Panic read the blog comments because I received a direct reply to my comment. No answers to the numerous questions here yet, but I am hopeful. I have been a little bitten with Sublime as a long time licensed user when the developer went dark.

Just my opinion, but Coda is desperately in need of a revamp and update. I’ve been using it for some years now, but I’m now looking at alternatives.

Good lord update Transmit already

Well, a week later and no answers to the questions from Panic. I would be concerned if this were a free product. I have also seen comments removed from this blog post (not authored by me). They were negative, but I didn’t think the demeanor was especially unpleasant. Shame really.

Hey John (and others),

In a few weeks we’ll be posting our “Status of the Union” update which will give detailed status on Transmit, Coda, etc. Remember: everything is being worked on always. :)

Standby for more information! Thanks!

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