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Status Board 2


The Graph, Table, and DIY panels. They're powerful if you feed them the right data. How about a shortcut?

Panic is proud to list cool companies and organizations that have baked-in support for Status Board, ready to go.

GoSquared offers powerful, elegant web analytics, and can add incredible new panels to your Status Board, including a live count of visitors on your site.

Learn more about GoSquared integration

StatHat gathers your data, Status Board graphs it. What a team. Add data tracking to whatever, with one line of code, in 15 languages, including PHP and iOS.

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Vigil provides well-crafted website monitoring, and can display the latest status codes, download times, and speeds, for all your sites.

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Curio is a powerful digital notebook that does a lot of stuff. Now, it can show your tasks and action items on your beautiful Status Board.

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Twine by Supermechanical is a sensor that monitors temperature, vibration and orientation and can help you detect floods, leaks, opened doors, and signals from your other home systems. You can now see the status of your sensors right on your Status Board.

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