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Status Board 2

Sales charts. Bug counts. Tweets and temperatures. Calendars and clocks. Data drives your life and business. Put all your data in one beautiful place.

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New in Version 2! Free update!


Maybe you have an iPad on your work desk, just sitting there. Maybe you dream of having a big, beautiful display in your office to focus the team.

Status Board makes it trivial to design beautiful, elegant boards of data that matter to you.

And best of all, you can try it for free.

It includes six FREE panels that let you create an amazing board, instantly, out of the box:

Clock. An analog or digital world clock.

Weather. Temperature and four-day forecast.

Calendar. Show upcoming events from any local iPad calendar.

Mail. Display message counts or Subjects.

Twitter. The latest tweets or tweet counts.

Feeds. Headlines from your favorite sites.

To do more, our Expansion Pack in-app purchase gives you six powerful panels for only $9.99:

Graph. Beautiful line and bar graphs from your JSON or CSV data source.

Table. Give us your HTML or CSV and we'll make it great, perfect for project status, etc.

Photo Album. Elegant slideshows from your iPad's photos, including iCloud Photo Library.

Countdown. Count to (or from!) any date.

Text. Perfect for display text! (You can even use it to make labels for other panels.)

And one special Expansion Pack panel is super:

Do-It-Yourself / Web. Any URL. Any content. Fully-customizable power right on your board.

Status Board is the easiest, most affordable way to make a professional status board in minutes.

Download it on the App Store.


Use Status Board? We have a dedicated team waiting to help you.


Do any websites collect or output Status Board-compatible data?

Yes. Check out our Sources page!

I bought Status Board 1. Do I have to re-purchase the "Expansion Pack"?

No. If you bought Status Board 1, the extra panels should automatically unlock for you on first launch. It's our way of saying thanks for your support of Status Board.

Does HD Out cost extra?

No. With Status Board 2, our special HD Out mode is bundled in for all users.

Can you recommend a good setup for Status Board on a wall?

See the Panic Blog for a write-up of how we put a great Status Board in the Panic office!