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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a weird error message after an auto-update, and now Coda won't launch.

Sometimes automatic updates don't go as smoothly as we'd hope. For instance, you might see an error message that looks like this:

(The error message might be different, but that blue/yellow icon is the giveaway.)

If you see something like this, there's a simple fix: download and install the latest version from our website.

Any tips or tricks for Coda 2?

Yes! Check out the Top 20 Secrets of Coda 2 blog post. It’s required reading.

What’s new in the latest version?

Check the release notes right here.

Should I buy from you directly, or from the Mac App Store?

If you buy via the Mac App Store, you’ll get iCloud syncing of Sites and Clips, and a very easy installation process. But, in the future, file navigation may be slightly more cumbersome due to Sandboxing.

If you buy from us, you’ll get immediate updates and no Sandboxing limitations. But no iCloud sync.

Can I migrate from the Mac App Store version to the Direct version?

Yes. Download Coda 2 from us and choose Purchase > Unlock Coda to unlock it with your MAS copy.

Can I migrate from the Direct version to the Mac App Store version?

No. This is not allowed by Apple.

How do I get AirPreview to refresh?

Right now, you must either save your document, or hit the “Refresh” button in Diet Coda. In the future, we hope to offer more live refreshing of your work.

Can I make the tabs smaller, or make them text?

Of course! Simply drag the bottom of the tab bar up and down to make them larger or smaller, all the way down to text. But promise us this: give the visual tabs a try. You’ll get more tabs on screen at once, and they’ll make your work faster!

Can I put the sidebar on the left?

Since you can now work with files without needing the sidebar (via the path bar and Files tab), and since the sidebar is now packed with useful tools, it felt like less of a “source list” and more of an “inspector” — thus, we moved it to the right. You can always flip it back in the Preferences.

Has the CSS editor moved?

Instead of a separate, disconnected CSS “editor”, we now display live CSS GUI “Pops” while you code. We currently include Pops for Border Radius, Border Width, Border, Box Shadow, Color, Gradient, Margin, Padding, Text Shadow, and a Style browser. Look for purple entries in the autocomplete menu. Also, the CSS chooser is still there — select “Navigator” in the sidebar. And, we’ve now added live CSS updating, so your Preview updates as you code. If you have any requests for cool CSS pops in the future, let us know!

How can I use Git for version control?

If you have Git installed already, simply fill out the “Git Tool Path” setting in the Files pane of Coda’s Preferences. (Got Xcode installed? You already have Git! And Coda probably already knows about it!)

Otherwise, you can install Git from GitHub for Mac, or download Git from

How can I use Subversion for version control in OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)?

Originally, Coda used the Subversion binary that was installed with every copy of Mac OS X. As of Mountain Lion (10.8), Subversion is no longer bundled with OS X, and must be installed manually.

So how can you get Subversion back in Coda? Install Xcode from the Mac App Store.

Once Xcode is installed, change the Subversion tool path setting in the Files pane of Coda’s Preferences to /Applications/


Is there a forum for Coda users?

Yes. Check out PQ&A, our customer forum!

Contacting us via email

I want to

Please give us a few business days to respond! We get lots of e-mail!