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Plug-ins listed on this page were developed independently by Coda users. Panic does not review, endorse, or provide support for third-party plug-ins.

View legacy Coda 1 plug-ins.

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Upgrading Coda 1 Plug-Ins

For Developers

Coda 2 is now 64-bit compatible, so all legacy Coda 1 plug-ins must be upgraded to 64-bit compatible to work in Coda 2. Good news: it’s pretty easy!

For script-based plug-ins created with the Coda Plug-In Creator, grab the new Coda 2 Plug-In Creator below and simply open and re-save your plug-in to upgrade it!

For plug-ins written in Cocoa using Xcode, re-build your project using Universal architecture settings (i386 and x86_64) and you should be ready to go.

When you’re done, e-mail us a link to your upgraded plug-in and we'll add it to this page!

You can also read more about creating plug-ins for Coda 2 or see the list of legacy plug-ins for Coda 1.